• Alex Kautz WIGS.COM TEAM
    I know we have a thread on this topic already, but I would love to hear from anyone new to the forum who has used insurance to help with the cost of wigs!

    If you have done this, what was your experience like?
  • Moonlitnight
    Ha! I guess that was a no Alex :lol:
  • Moonlitnight
    I did actually look at my insurance and it only covers cancer patients.
  • RhondaG
    I have not tried it yet but my hair stylist told me to go to the hair replacement place near us, get a diagnosis of alopecia and insurance will cover a wig. Like I said, I have no idea if that is actually true.
  • Ann S
    Kaiser does not cover wigs. I wonder if this horrible thing happened to men, would it be covered??
  • Ann S
    I know. Just a little feeling I have!
  • Moonlitnight
    :) Although men are generally more bald than women...
  • alicexm
    Something to add to Cathy’s “5 things” thread.
  • Ann S

    Oh I was just sayin.... Insurance for Viagra, but none for birth control (I know it's better now, but there is the mindset!)
  • Moonlitnight
    Insurance for Viagra but not for BC is just appalling. I am shaking my head as this is so Dark Ages! Not wanting to prolong a discussion here but every single one of my female friends (about 15) over the years have loathed Viagra and Cialis and wished they had never been invented. Most were married and hubby was taking it. I will have to ask my kid if BC is covered up here.
  • Ann S
    I know! Viagra covered and it is not even a "condition". Just pisses me off. It is a man's world, that was my point.
  • amyonwigs
    I haven't tried to get insurance to cover a wig, but if you have a medical diagnosis, you should be able to use your HSA or FSA account to pay for a wig.
  • VocalEyes
    I was told it’s only covered if you have cancer.
  • greenebo
    I have Providence and have tried. It should be being totally hairless from a hormone imbalance. I figure I have to have it for my health/well being and I write them off on my taxes as medical.
  • Misty
    If you have private health cover here, you do get some cover. From memory it was for one wig per year, there is a $ limit depending on your cover, and you have to go through a heap of paperwork to get it. It used to be you could claim a deduction on your taxes once you had the diagnosis, but that stopped here three years ago..
  • Rainbow18
    We had Kaiser Permanente insurance when we lived in so. California. At the time I was buying human hair wigs. My primary care doctor was the one who brought it up...I never even realized I could have a 'prescription' for a wig. She wrote it and I submitted it, and Kaiser paid for the wig. Nothing came back to me, nothing asked about cancer...they just paid for the wig. I believe I did that 3 times before I left Kaiser. Now I live in Texas, don't have Kaiser, no longer buy human hair...mostly because I can't find anyone to style them for me.
  • Alex Kautz WIGS.COM TEAM
    Wow, cool that they do that in California! If anyone else has any experience, we would love to hear about it... as the info will be used to help 23 million people a year with cancer. :cheer:
  • Danielle | Wigs.com Team
    If y'all don't mind me asking... what insurance do you have?

    We are trying to do more research about insurance coverage for wigs and would love to hear y'all's experiences! Feel free to reply to this thread or private message me :heart:
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