• A7X
    This past weekend I was in NYC on a retreat with 10 sorority sisters (we volunteer at the national level) and given that the forecast was rain, I decided to wear my wig. They've all seen me before, and know me, but no one said a word about my hair. I can't decide if they were just being polite or if really no one noticed (or if they said something behind my back). It was great, though! We went out for dinner and walked for blocks in the heat and humidity, and I didn't give a second thought to my hair at all.

    The one part of the weekend that was hard is that 7 of us were crammed into a three bedroom apartment style hotel. I didn't want to room with anyone so I opted for the pull out couch in the living room so I could take off my wig at night and then get up and put it on before anyone else was up.

    I almost just wore my wig to work today - but didn't. :( I know once I do, I can't go back to my bio hair because THAT will be very noticeable! So I'm dragging my feet.

    The one thing I worry about is losing even more hair due to full time wig wearing. I wear a velour band to keep it on, I wash and condition my bio hair every day even if I'm wearing the wig, and I'm really careful about pinning it up underneath so not to pull or stress it. Does anyone know if the wig will cause more hair loss? I kind of want the option to go without on the weekends, just to give my head a break.
  • Moonlitnight
    OK, I am not going to win popularity points with this answer. I have lost 3/4" of my hairline at the front, i.e. all my bangs, directly due to wearing wigs. I now have a fivehead, as they say. You can see that it is broken and rubbed off. I literally went from having a full long bang to having short, broken tufts. This happened after I started wearing lace fronts full time, and is well known in the AA community. Gluing makes it worse for me. I cannot wear a velour wigband under a lace front as the ridge shows very obviously. Ditto for a wig cap, which also gives me migraines. I have been wearing my wigs very far forward, and applying organic coconut oil to the front of my hair to reduce friction. It is definitely growing back but looks hard and frizzy. The rest of my hair is badly broken but not near the scalp. I spoke to both my hairstylist and my derm and both say the damage is due to wearing a wig. The derm was very unhelpful and simply said, "Stop wearing wigs and your hair will grow back."
  • buckeyegal1963
    I've been wearing wigs now daily for about 4 months while giving my bio hair a break from coloring and heat styling, it had become so damaged, so that it can get healthier again. Wearing wigs hasn't caused any hair loss or any additional damage to my bio hair at all, it actually feels a tiny bit thicker, I just have to wait a little while longer until the broken hairs get long enough and then get it cut. However I'm really loving the ease of wearing wigs, saves so much time and even when healthy my bio hair never looked as good, so I may just continue wearing them.
  • A7X
    Moonlight, my wig is not a lace front, so maybe I won't have an issue? No glue involved either.

    Buckeyegal1963, this is good to hear! I'm taking Viviscal hair supplements and I'm kind of hoping giving it a break from heat styling will help. It's really getting thin at the temples and my bangs are getting really wispy, but there might not be anything I can do about that anyway.
  • Moonlitnight
    Yes, it's the lace fronts that cause the damage.The lace on my RWs is not soft. In fact, it is quite crispy and rigid.
  • buckeyegal1963
    I never thought I'd say I'm lucky to have a high forehead, but because I do have one, by using a wig cap and by applying the got2b and the lacefront slightly below the hairline, neither is in direct contact with my bio hair. So for me personally anyway, wearing wigs hasn't caused any damage to my hair at all.

    @A7X Washing your hair daily can also put stress on your hair and is drying to the scalp. Before I started wearing wigs, I washed mine every other day, but would rinse it on the days I didn't wash. The only way I could achieve even a little volume was by wetting and blow drying. I was never one of the blessed ones that could wake up in the morning, give it a brush and it would look good, I always had to start from scratch with wet hair. Now that I've been wearing wigs, I just wash my hair twice a week, but I don't have oily hair either. I deep condition with argan oil once a week. It's slowly feeling healthier, but it will never be as thick as I would like :sad: .
  • Moonlitnight
    I wash mine twice a week as well.
  • A7X
    My hair (and skin, for that matter) has always been greasy, plus I have always used a lot of product including extreme hold hairspray, so I've got to do it every day or my head itches. Once in a while I can let it go, but not often. Maybe I won't need to if I don't have to use products since it will be covered with a wig. I keep reading that you can't let your scalp and bio hair go untended even if you are covering it up.
  • A7X
    I also have a super high forehead so I can wear a smidge below the hairline and it should look ok.
  • Erica
    I used to wash my hair everyday for similar reasons. To give it a break, I only use shampoo twice a week, but I wash it with water and conditioner nightly. I've definitely seen an improvement. The first two weeks were weird while my hair and scalp adjusted, but by the end of the two weeks my hair felt much healthier and less frizzy. (still pretty frizzy since I bleach my bio hair, but still less frizzy than before lol)
  • Trixie58
    Hi all,
    I’m about to ask a naive question (which I think I know the answer to), but what exactly happens if you don’t use glue in the front? Is it to keep the wig secure? Do you NEED to glue it? Is it for peace of mind? I’ve only worn my two wigs out with people who have not seen me and I didn’t use glue because my wigs have bangs.
  • Moonlitnight
    Hi Trixie! You would only need glue if you had a slipping problem, or you were, for example, going sailing and it was very windy and you wanted to feel extra secure. The glue is normally only used on lace fronts. I wear lace fronts, and have only used glue three times, to secure the wig lower down on my brow.
  • Shar W
    I haven't had any hairloss due to wearing wigs. I did when I wore toppers. I lost hair from the clips in front. I stopped coloring my hair because mine was damaged, thinning and frizzy. So I just cut it all off and switched to wigs. It appears and feels like it is getting thicker. Not sure yet. My husband thinks its thicker. But now its really short and gray. Time will tell.
  • Vee1028
    I've been wearing wigs for about 2 1/2 years and have experienced no hair loss at all. I'm certain any loss would only occur if your hair was already in a weakened state. The lace on your lace front should not touch your hair at all. Mine hits right at the hairline but not on it so, no friction.
  • BeautyWithin
    my velour headband has not caused any more hair loss. And it holds my hair so securely on. Wig hair that is. But it's my hair now right cuz I bought it? LOL. Anyway you'll know when you're ready to wear your hair to work. It is hard to commit. I went back and forth a little bit with stretchy knit headwraps and my bio hair pulled up at the back and a clip when I was going casual running errands. But to go to work or church or an event I have to wear a wig unless I have a hat on. And soon even the hat won't cover on the sides.
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