• Moonlitnight
    I have been using Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Spray on my RWs, before using the JR comb on them. Quite simply amazing. The comb glides through and there is no clumping. Sephora has it.
  • Shar W
    I maybe interested in this. I am going to check Amazon.
  • Melody
    does it control the frizzies?
  • Moonlitnight
    Hi Melody. I only have synthetics so they don't frizz. I am impatiently waiting for my HH wig to arrive. It is for real hair, so I imagine it would.
  • alicexm
    I ordered the Kendi Dry Oil from Amazon after a recommendation from Moonlight a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. My longer wigs don’t tangle at the back of my neck so much. Love the fresh scent.

    A wig salon owner I went to in Austin over the weekend also recommended silicone spray or static guard like you use on synthetic clothes for static cling. Haven’t gone that route but might try this winter.
  • Sarah3740
    Do you leave it in after spraying? Does it make the fibers feel dirty (I find that some, like the JR leave in conditioners, make the RW HD fibers feel dirty). Also wanted to let you know I tried the steaming with the very fine toothed comb as demo'd on Patti's Pearls video (linked in someone else's post about a month ago), and using the fine tooth comb right behind the steamer did wonders for the frizz! After using here technique, I then continued with the steamer to set in the waves/curls (continuing with the wig turned inside out). I wrapped small sections around a round bristle brush, steamed to heat up, then dried it while still on the brush with a hair drier on cool. Unrolled, it, and voila, beautiful frizz-free curls!
  • Moonlitnight
    Hmm...I tried Patti's technique but the frizz remained. I have a very fine comb like a nit comb and used that. Maybe my steamer isn't hot enough. It's quite small. Yes, I leave the Kendi oil in, but I only use it underneath and about 4" at the ends. It hasn't clumped and I don't wash it out.
  • Sarah3740
    Could be your steamer isn't hot enough - mine steamer is pretty big and I have to be careful to avoid steam burns. HD fiber can handle more heat.
  • Moonlitnight
    I will get a bigger one. Mine has to be refilled every three minutes or so.
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