• Vee1028
    I originally posted this information months ago and asked then if there was some way to have it pinned to the top of some part of the forum. Nope.
  • SuzieQ
    For me, I’m done with cysterwigs.
  • JeannetteB
    wow, that’s even better. Thanks!
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  • Moonlitnight
    It should be pinned.
  • Blossomandme
    Thank you Vee as I would not have known that fact.... it all helps..
  • Casey Lewis
    Who is NBW ladies?
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Well - I got a "bunch" of wigs and returning most of them. Here is my experience - wigs.com is far and away the best. Easy return. NBW next - they do charge a restocking fee but very easy to deal with. they also offer free shipping in almost every case - even with a promo code - so that is likely at least a wash. In this case - I would have had to pay a restocking fee anyway as I don't need to get any more wigs right now. By far - hardest to deal with - CW. Buying there just does not work for me and I could not actually talk to anyone with any authority or have flexibility. So - they basically just do not offer customer service that I want. I truly doubt that I will order from them in the future if I can get the same product elsewhere.

    So - them's my two cents. As I recall - dealing with another company in the past - PP - They charge a restocking fee as well.
  • Vee1028
    I totally agree with you! I try to only buy from wigs dot because they really do have the easiest return policies. I do hate that I always end up with credits here though as I choose to exchange rather than pay the restocking fee. But, even restocking fee here is less than other sites.
    Bad thing....I have over $300 in credits here now and the only wig I am really interested in right now isn't sold here.
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  • Blossomandme
    Hi Vee, I am still waiting for my EW..Start wig to arrive on my doorstep as it has arrived in Sydney but I don't know why it is taking Australia post or USPS so long to get it to me , and I just was told by PP that I only have until 10/10 to tell them what I am doing with it ... so I hope it gets here soon.. nothing has come on the tracking updates either. So if I need to exchange I too may end up just having to opt for a store credit... as I need the wigs to at least be on special to buy from them as the Dollar exhange rate is so bad here and plus the cost of freight is expensive . And there special ended last night ...lol just my luck
  • Vee1028
    hi... have you tried contacting PP and letting them know what the situation is with the delivery of your package? I think that's what I would do. I believe the added expense of having packages shipped to Canada is finite many people here have started ordering from NBW. I don't shop there because I don't like their return policy but the difference in shipping costs to international addresses would trump that.
    Are there Australian sites you could buy from?
  • Blossomandme
    I had already wrote to them and told them that i was still waiting for the wig to arrive and that is when she told me i only have until 10/10..... the main reason i ordered from PP was that she also does resizing and I pruchsed this EW start first to see just how it arrived as I did not want to get it resized as i could not send it back if it was not want I wanted... so I mainly wanted to see if the pet/average would fit ok.... and yes I can purchase here in Australia but no one does the resizing.... poss if I took them to a wig makers it could be done..
  • Vee1028
    I think, from what I remember of your head measurements, that most of Ellen Willes wigs should fit you fine. If not, I know she has one line that has even smaller fitting tops made especially for women without bio hair. They are made smaller to accommodate the fact that there will be no hair beneath that would require a bit of extra room.
    I know some women do a bit of stitching in their wig caps to make a too big cap fit better.
    Wishing you lots of luck with this. Hope your wig arrives tomorrow!
  • Blossomandme
    Thanks Vee I hope it arrives soon as well...
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