• Moonlitnight
    It seems to be about an AA woman who is having wig and hair perfection issues in her quest for perfection and looks like fun.
  • Shar W
    Yes, I did see the trailer. I think she ends up shaving all her hair.
  • Moonlitnight
    And wearing wigs... it looks interesting.
  • Shar W
    Yes, I might check it out.
  • BeatA
    @Moonlitnightlet me know if it’s worth watching
  • PinkEvie
    Thanks Moonlight, will have a look at this film.
  • Moonlitnight
    I think it's a series, Pink.
  • PhyllisB
    It's a movie. I watched it today on Netflix. I thought it was very good. The main character didn't wear any wigs, but there was a comment made about how a large percentage of black women wear wigs because they don't like their hair. It was about her quest for perfection and finding her true identity that revolved around her hair. And for a lot of us (me included!) our hair seems to define who we are. If you're looking for something to watch, I recommend it.
  • Moonlitnight
    Thanks Phyllis for correcting me there. I was sure it was a series! I will have to find the time to watch it based on your recommendation. Every now and then a good movie comes in handy ;) WARNING: Next comment is a spoiler.
  • Jackson1890
    A young woman, Violet (Sanaa Lathan), has a seemingly perfect life: she is successful in her job as an advertising executive, has been with her boyfriend Clint (Ricky Whittle), a doctor, for two years, and has perfect long straight hair, despite the effort it takes to maintain. But after expecting her boyfriend to propose on her birthday, he gives her a dog instead, leading to a break up. He tells her that he doesn't really know her because she is too perfect. After she loses an important account at work and has a mishap at a hair salon, she begins to realise that her hair has been a symbol of her not living life as she really wants to. After a weave and blond dye go wrong, she shaves her head. Initially horrified with what she has done, she grows in confidence in her new look. She begins dating the owner of the hair salon, Will (Lyriq Bent), and befriends his young daughter, Zoe (Daria Johns). After Violet loses a pitch for an ad campaign using real women to a male colleague's standard idea using blonde models, she quits her job. However, she still struggles to be herself completely, particularly when introducing Will to her mother (Lynn Whitfield). Violet and Clint reconcile and he proposes, but at their engagement party, which he has asked her to straighten her hair for, she realises she is still trying to be who he wants rather than who she wants. They break up and she reunites with Will, pitching an ad campaign for his hair care products that seek to encourage women to see their natural hair as beautiful.
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