• Happy to ve Retired
    Yesterday - killing time before a flight - we saw Glenn Close in The Wife. Interesting film - somehow said to be a dark comedy - but while i agree with dark and interesting and certainly well acted - i did not get many laughs out of it. Cannot decide if i would recommend the film.

    So - glenn close - at 71 she is in great shape and her face and neck tight as a drum - but i think her hair ages her. Appropriate for the role - but i saw an article from about 4 years ago that said she looked 10 years younger with longer hair. Her hair also seems thin by Hollywood standards.

    I just heard that Joy Behar is 74. It surprised me as i would have guessed younger. Her red hair perhaps is less “age appropriate” and consequently - we associate that color with younger women.

    Anyway - my wig obsession continues.

    I wish the wig companies would include pictures of more “mature” women in different styles and colors. Of course there is RW - speaking of dreaming:)
  • BeatA
    AMEN! You are right they only have those younger models wearing wigs.
    As far as what is age appropriate.... we have had this thread before is long hair ok for middle aged or older women and I think the “consensus” pretty
    Much was: you can wear whatever the heck makes you feel comfortable and pretty or beautiful. There is no arbitrary no long hair after age. XX. Period same goes for color. Well in my opinion anyway and I think a lot of others would agree.
  • SuzieQ
    I agree... I am 60 and wear medium length wigs everyday and long on weekends. Certainly some ageism there. Many of still look good for our age and baby boomers are a huge part of the population. Wigs look different on 100 lb 20 year old vs a normal weight middle age person. Give me a call Wigs.com! dgcfwhad4743ecte.jpeg
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I will be home in 2 weeks and getting hairmail - more than i should have ordered. I have been obsessing looking at folks at airports and everywhere and even while watching a movie. I am very curious to try various colors and see what i think looks better on me.

    But yes - i have seen lots of different colors and styles on people of all ages. Different people develop different “styles” and it really is an overall package. Different Casual looks quite different on different people.

    What has really struck me is how dominant the choice of hair is in the overall look. I have always had terrible hair. But with wigs you really are free to choose the look. I hope my obsessing stops/shrinks after i get my hairmail and decide.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    you look great!!!! I think the manufacturers need to address this because it seems to be becoming more common for “mature” women to be wearing wigs of all styles. It would certainly help me to see the wigs on all facial types.

    I have just been so struck by how different a person looks with different wigs.
  • SuzieQ
    I have learned to go to YouTube, and find someone who isn’t a pencil thin 20 year old model to see how the wig really looks.
  • Moonlitnight
    Amen sister! You look gorgeous and really rock that hair! :love:
  • Moonlitnight
    I have just been so struck by how different a person looks with different wigs.Happy to ve Retired

    I find Roxy lovely but she is extremely petite and so wigs look much fuller and longer on her. Contrast her with Heather of "the big-headed tribe" (lol she's funny) and you can see just how much wigs vary. Most of us fall in between. Wigs look much shorter on me as I am tall and I find this really disappointing.
  • Dolly
    My 'go-to' wig ('Jackson'/Noriko) is longer because I look better with longer hair. But I've tried every look in the book; long, short, curly, wavy, straight, etc...I am amazed at how different some of them look on me as opposed to the model - but I'm amazed about that with clothing as well! With wigs as well as clothing, it is imperative to TRY ON! This is why return policies are so important!
    car head shot (26K)
  • Candy D
    Very pretty. I love longer styles myself.
  • Robertdelford
    I know people are going to hate what I am going to say. I have been a hairstylist for many years. I have found the older a woman gets , it is better to shorten the hairstyle on her. Why? The reason is because long hair drag the face lines down, and makes the frown lines and other lines more pronounced. The shorter, flipped up hairstyles , uplift the eyes and the rest of the face, drawing other people from looking at a creapy, jowly,sagy neckline. People don’t believe this but the eyes go up with short, down with long hair. Also, long hair in a wig is a dead give away that she is a older woman, wearing a wig, because almost all women lose lots of hair as they age. Thus the thick beautiful wig looks not normal for the age.
    You do have to deal with that fact, that a 70 woman does not have tons of hair or jet black hair. If she does, I have never seen this type of hair in all the years I have done hair. To make wigs work on older women, it is best to go a lighter , softer , highlighted color, not solid dark or blond. Also you need to thin out lots of hair, with the wig on your head. Do it till it looks natural. Taper the ends a bit, but do not remove the factory put in curl. You really have to be careful of this, cutting into the permatease in tricky thing, so be careful. Go to a experienced wig person, who knows how to cut it to fit your face. Somewhere a man said I love your beautiful long hair, and it became some women’s crowning glory. I could gag, every time a woman would come in and say “ oh , my husband wants my hair long!”. I would say , does he do your hair for you. I say this because they had been complaining of all the time it took to dry and curl the waist leaght hair, she had responded with the husband bit... so much with my hairdresser banter. Sometime women think long hair makes the, look younger. Sometimes it is just easier to do your hair when it is long. You pull it back into a piney tall. I talked many a woman to cut there long hair, and their husband LOVED IT. AND IT MADE THEM LOOK YOUNGER. I have been wearing hairpieces and wigs since I was 21. I now have been wearing a wig full time, for 6 years due to extreame female pattern baldness, due to a lot of surgeries, and a low thyroid, and autoimmune problem. Have fun with your wigs ladies, I do. Women now a days look decades younger then they are, so go for the long hair as long as it looks ok. Ask someone you know will tell you the truth. My husband is brutal, when I get a new wig, and I have sent many back because he dosnt think it becomes me. He is an artist and I trust him, plus I want to look pretty for him even at 30 years of marriage.
  • Moonlitnight
    Thank you for posting, and welcome to the forum. I think what you say is true for some women but not all. Several mature women here wear long hair and they all look stunning. I am 66. I have worn shorter wigs and they do not flatter my face shape at all. Of course, if a person is jowly, she would be better off in something to "lift" her facial features, and not be full at the jawline, but a woman of any age would be the same. I think an experienced wig wearer instinctively knows what looks good on her and the fact some guy in the past has said he likes long hair has very little to do with it. Same with colour. We have so many colour options that most of us know what is flattering for aging skin and what is not. Do you need help with that photo? It's not showing up.
  • alicexm
    when I was a little girl my mother kept me in permed pixie cuts that not only did I hate but they looked ridiculous on me. When I became an adult I wore my hair Waist length to chin length and multiple places in between. With the exception of an auburn period in my thirties, always my natural color, which is now salt and pepper, moving more to salt. Most of my wigs are shoulder length in shades of grey. But on weekends I may be a frosty blond or highlighted redhead, with long layers. This is my comfort zone. I’m in my sixties now, and while I appreciate your thoughts and experiences, I think I’ll keep my longer hair and my colored wigs. Variety is the spice of life, and I choose to be as varied as I can.
  • Misty
    Thanks for posting, and sending a warm welcome to you. There are lovely people here, with lots of good knowledge and information to share.
    My personal thoughts are most people have a sense of what they feel comfortable wearing, whether it be clothes or faux hair. Different face shapes, skin tones, height and weight all need to be taken into account when choosing a hair style. I do not think there is one standard rule for everyone, that when you reach a specific age your hair must be a certain length.
    I am in my 60's and I feel lovely and feminine with my long hair. Last week I called into a wig boutique and tried a number of different styles thinking I might want a change, and the retail person in the wig boutique said straight out the shorter styles I tried on just did not suit me, and that my JR Zara was the best fit for me. At this time in my life, I agree. It makes me feel good, and there is nothing to compare to that. There will come a time one day I won't feel the same maybe, however I do know I am not there yet.
  • Twinkle
    You look fabulous!!! I love this cut on you!!!
  • SuzieQ

    Thanks so much! If Raquel and Cher can rock them in their 70’s why shouldn’t we do what makes us happy aswell!
  • Ali
    Trying to look our best, without making it look like we are trying too hard has been a challenge for most women. It’s amazing how much hair styles can alter your appearance. I have found that whenever I’ve tried a shorter style it’s just never looked good on me. Younger with my full head of bio hair, it didn’t matter. I could not wait for it to grow out.

    Due to an auto immune desease I’ve been wearing faux hair for about 18 months now and go long. As long as I had it in my twenties I’d say. I cannot get used to all the compliments! Men, women. friends , strangers. It doesn’t matter. It’s absolutely crazy as I’d say it’s pretty much a daily occurrence. So it tells me at least the long hair works on this “older” woman. What is most important is that I love the way I look and feel with long hair, even at age 61. I’ve never lived my life following the status quo and I’m sure not going to start now.

    I should have preempted this with “Dont get me started on older women and long hair” but too late for that now!

    Photos of me in JR Sarah. vsy9l4ebhrvjwoai.jpeg
  • Moonlitnight
    And so you should wear long hair. You look stunning, feminine and YOU. Wearing what pleases us makes us happy and complete and your smile confirms this. I look OK in short hair but I look awful in anything chin-length like Upstage. I wear my hair long because it suits me and makes me feel happy and pretty and because I can :) When I was 33, just before I met my husband, my hair stylist convinced me to wear my hair short because "There comes a time in life when a women needs to have shorter hair" or something like that. I felt miserable and unappealing. I loathed it. I didn't feel like me.
  • Ali

    100% agree.
    My look now is so “what makes me feel like me”
    I love that!
  • Blossomandme
    Hi Ali , You look great in this wig and If I was to see you in public I would never have noticed it was a wig.... I am new to wigs and for now I cant stop looking at everyone's hair when I am out and about ... checking out to see if any wear wigs... lol... but again you look stunning and it really does suit you.
  • Ali

    Thank you! JR really does make very realistic and natural looking lace front wigs. I’ve always had people react with surprise when I tell them it’s a wig. And they are standing right in front of me. Definitely helps to feel the confidence that comes from that.
  • MadamLeota
    I love your hair :heart:
  • Ali
    Thank you!
  • A7X
    I think it looks beautiful and very natural. Screw the "rules" anyway!
  • Moonlitnight
    I don't think there are rules any more. Maybe when 60 wasn't "the new 40" there were guidelines, but who imposed them? Each and every one of us makes our own rules. That is what we have a brain for. I have two wigs arriving this week and both are LONG.
  • Misty
    So agree with your comments. It is what makes us feel good that counts :hearts:
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