• Blossomandme
    Hi , well I just received my two Ellen Wille wigs .... ever Mono and Start... but both will need to be sent back , so I know that Vee put something up about Paypal paying for return postage, and I just want to know exactly what I need to do before I post them off tomorrow.... your help appreciated. Is there any paperwork I need to do first. TY
  • Vee1028
    I'm so sorry neither of your wigs worked for you. Did they have too much volume or just not into the style?
    You need to go to your PayPal account and activate the return shipping service.
    What you will need in order to have PayPal refund your shipping is a copy of your receipt when you pay the postage. I always take a picture of the receipt. Just be sure to get one!
  • Blossomandme
    Hi Vee, thanks for the info on getting a receipt etc... and I will make sure I also take a picture..... Both wigs had too much hair for my face, especially the EW Start wig, I thought I looked like Phyllis Diller from old movies with Bob Hope...lol and the other one EW Ever was too big on my head as it was a pet/average , and also too long in the back for me .. So I have given up on looking for a wig for a while ...
  • Vee1028
    oh nooooo.....I'm so sorry. You really need to try to find a wig shop and go in and try some styles on!
  • Blossomandme
    I will try to make an effort to get my daughter to come with me on a day out to a local wig shop , have to go by train and a bus as not a good place for parking in the Sydney CBD..
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