• BeatA
    Rocking Elizabeth with a pink clip in this month. What are you guys doing? I’m a two time breast cancer survivor. It can be done ladies. To those of you out there fighting the fight I’m
    Rooting for you !
  • Happy to ve Retired
    You look terrific. I just saw your post on wighun and your iwig looks amazing. I wonder if moonlitnight ever got hers. Miss her posts here.
  • BeautyWithin
    You look beautiful and strong Bea! Thanks for sending this message out to others fighting this disease. You are an inspiration.
  • Erzsike
    looking good Bea! Those who have survived remain strong for those to come.
  • Diane
    I wear the pink clip as well!
  • BeatA
    yay! Everyone thinks I’m so hip.
  • BeatA
    yeah I’m not really on the forum that much anymore either. But I just had to do this post.
    I think the administrators from wigs.com are dropping the ball.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    i think it isdropped(: once alex moved on i think it was abandoned. Not sure if any had to do with the flyer hubub - maybe they initially thought it woukd be more marketing.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Question about iwigs - is shannon the person from c a n a d a w i g s? I thought i recognized her from video reviews. I guess no way to see the w i g before ordering????? Did you get mongolian hair or european? Thx
  • animallover
    Beautiful!! You are an inspiration to all survivors and those currently doing battle!! :heart:
  • BeatA
    it is called European but I think Mongolian is European as well. But it’s not virgin ( unprocessed). I actually went to California for a conference in San Francisco and Gardeaux wigs was about an hour away so I got a close
    Look at the iwig there. It is super
    Comfortable and just awesome. I hope
    It holds up ( but I think it will) and it is well worth the money ( low 1000s depending on length) If you get virgin hair it becomes a lot
    More expensive ver quickly. Shannon has really good prices and she is very trustworthy. I hope
    To get a lighter colored wig some
    Time in the future for the summer....
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Did gardeau wigs let you try on? Are they a lot more expensive than shannon? I might wait until i get there before buying.

    Thanks for the info.
  • BeatA
    are you near there? Yes they let
    You try on. You should call ahead then they have a stylist to help you. No pressure at all. They are open 10-3 mo-Fr. they are 100-200 more than Shannon but they include cut and style in the price and they are doing custom coloring. I did buy my wig there because I fell in love with the color but I will buy my next one from Shannon. If you are within driving distance you should
    Go check it out.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    i dont live near there but travel up there sometimes. Thanks so much. I will definitely try it. Worth it for them to fit and style, i assume they are good stylists????? Anyone there you would recommend? Thx
  • BeatA
    Yes they are awesome stylists. The owner is Rachel she is amazing and I think she does all or most of the coloring jobs.
    The iwigs has wefts in the lower back but they are closed.
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