• Happy to ve Retired
    I love this color. Does anyone have this and also weat JR? If so - do you know a comparable color? Just got the sale note from wigs.com and want yo get a lace front wig in this color- either JR or RW would be easiest as i know their styles.

  • animallover
    I Love this color too! It is so natural. I was looking at a woman today in a store and she had the same color bio hair, exactly the same. I hope someone has an answer to your question. I not only love the color but I adore the fiber too, they both compliment each other.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    well - i called wigs.com but it seems they basically go by the numbers. I got a jr wig in 12fs8 and it is getting towards the “right” color, but the roots are darker and the blend is darker. I tried to get the same wig in 14/24s10 - but that is backordered until April. I wish Hairdo woukd make a lace front version of the wig preferably with a mono top. I am not a fan of basic caps. Evidently RW has a 14/88 but not in heat friendly. I will only get the heat friendly.

    I love the hairline of RW and i like the tru 2 life fiber. I could get shaded bisquit but i find this Hairdo color to be better.

    I ordered 14/24s10 in a different jr wig so i will see.

    Meanwhile i might order another Hairdo - since it is taking trips to the gym and hiking - i is getting a workout. So far it is holding up well.
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