• Happy to ve Retired
    I have seen some people say that the jon renau steamer is worth the extra money because you can really target a small section of the wig. Has anyone tried both a "cheap" steamer and also the jon renau steamer? I am thinking of buying it. thanks
  • Iluvmyhair
    I have actually wondered the same thing. I have used an inexpensive hand held steamer to detangle and de-frizz the ends of my straight style wigs and it works great. But I'm pretty sure it would not work well on small areas just because the steam can't be contained to a small area. So I would also love hearing from others about the Jon Renau steamer and how they use it and why they like it (or don't like it). Thank you for bringing up this topic!
  • kaileeren
    I have a better idea… How about John renau wigs have better quality? They are simply gorgeous but they do not last at all. After being ripped off many times with his synthetic wigs I bit the bullet and purchased a very expensive human hair wig. and after the first washing it looks like a rats nest just like his synthetic wigs. I am a sucker for his chocolate cherry color. Omg that is my favorite color and nobody Does it like Jon renau! After 7 disappointing wigs (a couple of thousand) I have to finally give up and find another favorite color with someone else. One wig was so bad I contacted his company directly but they wouldn’t replace it.. I’m done!
  • Erzsike
    I also have an inexpensive hand steamer to help defrizz my ends too. would love to hear more about the Jon Renau steamer!!!! Users, please share. :-)
  • Cathe Lartigue
    What I love you bout My inexpensive steamer is that I can wear the wig while steaming —giving me better control. I saw the price point of that thing and I’ll tell you, I’m no cheapskate but I buy wisely. And I would rather spend that kind of money on a decent wig!
  • goldcapp
    I bought an inexpensive steamer from Target, and it works very well. My local wig salon charges $25 to steam a wig, so having my own is well worth it!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I got a cheap one and have not had a chance to try it yet.

    But - the jon renau video shows that you can target a small area without steaming the rest of the wig.

    So far - no one has said if they have tried it. It is nonrefundable i think.
  • animallover
    Check out this post - Wig steamer & cutting bangs - It is posted by mcvoice, looks like she has one.
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