• greenebo
    Hi Ladies-
    I am as bald as they come and wonder what you all suggest for wig caps. I have got the cheapies on Wow wigs/Wig.com but they squeeze the heck out of my head...I don't have a large head..Any recommendations....
  • Samantha
    Hi there! I, too, am bald, and have never used a wig cap. I assumed they’re for people with hair, to contain the hair underneath the wig, which is obviously not an issue for us smoothies :joke:
  • greenebo

    oh, I am not very "wig smart" yet...working on educating myself..I did not know that... I thought they were for sweating...Also which wig brands have you found to be most comfortable...I have Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, and a few others...Let me know what you think...I would love to stay in touch with you as we are equally yoked by a bald head...thank you for answering...I need the education and encouragement....Joye
  • Samantha
    I currently wear Raquel Welch, but also have a Gabor, and used to wear Jon Renau exclusively. I find them all to be pretty comfortable, for the most part.

    Unfortunately, this forum has all but died...it used to be quite lively. I still check it from time to time and can always use the encouragement and camaraderie myself!
  • Misty
    Hello ladies, I have alopecia and other medical issues which have resulted in huge hair loss for many years, but I am not totally bald.
    Just wondering if you were wearing a wig cap to try and stop the wig creeping up?
    Fyi - I am currently wearing Jon Renau Zara, but have worn a number of different brands over time, Noriko, Henry Margu, Belle Tress just to name a few.
    Yes, sadly the forum is very quiet these days, and I only check in occassionally as well.
    I believe when you have hair loss, it is good to be able to share with others who have experienced it as well. The understanding and empathy is special. :hearts:
    Best wishes to you both.
  • greenebo
    Yes it is Misty I need that understanding. I do wear a wig cap and I am completely hairless. It seems to help my wig stay in place and the wig isn't so itchy. Not all are itchy ,but more than others...Blessings....Joye
  • Misty
    I have never worn a wig cap so can't help much there. I found with the Jon Renau wigs that they "creep up" at the back of my neck. I think my cap size is between a small and averagae. One of the lovely ladies who was active here told me about the Jon Renau silicone sheet you can buy. Wigs.com stock it, as well as other places. You cut a small piece to fit along the nape of the neck and sew it in place, and voila, for me, no more wig creeping up the back of my neck. It is so soft and comfortable as well, I was amazed. I think there is a full link here on the website if you have time to have a read. You can also sew into other places in the wig cap if you find your wig is slipping or moving. Hope this might be of some help. :hearts:
  • Deborah
    I have a large head and I buy the panty hose at the dollar store cut the legs off and sew the legs shut...also wear inside out or the seam will be uncomfortable. Since you said your head was small try small nylons and adjust with so you are comfortable.
  • Rainbow18
    I'm in the same boat as you are, bald. When it first happened and I had a bit of hair still, I used a cap to hold 'all' the hair in. But not since. I did buy some of the cap liners that are sold on wigs.com for sweat because we attend a lot of outdoor events here in Texas and it can get pretty hot if I'm wearing a wig instead of a hat. However, I've found, that if I put that cap liner under my wig, my wig no longer fits right and I'm tugging at it all day. So I gave up on the cap liners altogether.

    The wigs that fit me best are the Ellen Wille. While I like a lot of the other brands, it's rare to be able to find a petite, and my head is small. Wig Pro has some petite styles but nothing I'm excited about.
  • Jnc
    I too am bald - mainly because I shave my head about every 3 months, but I have never worn a wig cap. When the little amount of hair I have grows back, it does make it a bit uncomfortable with the wig. I love using the Got 2 Be Ultra Glued to secure the wig to my head. No slipping from the front. I think I'll look into getting a silicone sheet. I hate it when the wig creeps up the back of my head. I just shaved my head yesterday and my wig was so much more comfortable. Don't know why I even try to let it grow. I am totally bald on top and super super thin over the rest of my head. :)
  • JanetG
    Hi Ladies, I am on here so infrequently but generally due to time constraints. I would love to know of a comfortable wig cap. I still have hair along the sides not much on top or at the crown any more, but the wig caps from wigs.com kill me. I end up with a ridge in my head. I am not sure what happened to the forum. Do you think it is disinterest? Or lack of a moderator? I would hate to see it die. I know there are other "communities" out there but the ones I checked on charge a monthly fee :(
  • PennyC
    I get "creep" in the back, which makes me crazy. I thought my head was large...it's not. I just have a flat occipital ridge (nothing to hold the wig in place). So I broke down and got The Wig Grip. It's magic! It holds perfectly; in fact, my shorter wig now seems to be an inch longer LOL! And I'm using it without a cap.
  • goldcapp
    My hair is sparse and thin. I tried to wear a wig cap once, but it was a disaster and uncomfortable. The best thing I have found to prevent your wig from slipping is the "IT STAYS" Adhesive from Patti's Pearls. You just roll it on. It is fantastic and water soluble, very easy to use!
  • btrflygal7
    Personally, i don't have too much luck with wig caps, i have a small head and hardly any hair and the hair i have is very soft. they tend to slip off. I get one from headcovers.com, they have a lot of types and it was soft but was super small and i have a small head. i just stick with wig grip bands when i need them if a wig seems a bit big.
  • greenebo
    thank you for your input...yes I find they squeeze my head. the wig grip bands; which one do you recommend. I would like to try that...thank you.
  • Vee1028
    I keep trying these wig trips but find them so hard to use as well as uncomfortable. I'd love to be able to use one with my Ignite wigs as the nape is so short on those.
  • buckeyegal1963
    I have a wig grip but have yet to use it, I haven't had any creeping issues with any of my wigs. I wear a regular nylon wig cap, tho I don't like they way the feel, especially when brand new they are tight. I do have bio hair, crappy thin bio hair, that falls below my shoulders so I wear one to contain it.
  • buckeyegal1963
    I think there are cotton/bamboo wig caps that are supposed to be more comfortable than the nylon caps.
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