• marieni84
    I went and tried on some wigs. The technician said that I should leave some of my bio hair out in the back, even with the wig cap on, because that would cause less friction where the wig hits the back of the neck/collar. My hair is mid length-hits the top of my shoulders, and I actually have quite a bit of hair on the back of my head. It is the front and top that is thinning. Do any of you do this? Leave hair out? It seems like that would make the wig less secure, although she said I could clip the wig cap to my bio hair.
  • buckeyegal1963
    My bio hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders, so sometimes I skip wearing a cap with my JR Minka. I recently purchased JR Marion, with her I need to wear a wig cap since she is shorter than my hair, and with Marion's style it would be obvious I was wearing a wig if I left my bio hair out. I should just cut my bio hair, like yours my front areas, mainly at the temples and the front of my hair line are very thin.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    my hair is short and i wear short wigs. I always let my bio hair out - it blends both on the sides. My hair is extremely thin. I clip the back to my bio hair.
  • A7X
    I let pieces of my bio hair out in the front, kind of in the "sideburn" area (I don't know any other way to describe it, I look like a Hassidic Jewish person with their side pieces when I have my wig band on and my back hair pinned up.) It's my front that is thinning. I never thought to leave some back hair out to reduce friction, but I think I'll try that tomorrow to see how it goes.
  • A7X
    OK, left some bio hair out in the back today - it is working very well! I like the feel of it when I run my hand through the back of my hair and my wig doesn't seem to catch as much on my scarf/coat/whatever. If you have bio hair in the back, this is a good tip. I use a wig grip band so the wig still stays in place.

    So now instead of a Hassidic Jewish person, I look like "Riff Raff" from Rocky Horror....
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