• Luvnappin
    Black Friday or early Christmas?
    Thought i’d ask before I order anything, thanks.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Just got the sale email from wigs.com

    Disappointing in many ways - I was hoping for 40 percent. I could swear last year was 40 - or perhaps that was another company. My local wig shop is selling my wig for 30 percent off so it is only 10 dollars more to buy it there and that includes styling - so my plan is to do that. It is a true once a year sale there.

    I contacted the local shops to ask if they were running a black friday sale - you have to purchase on black friday is the deal and it has to be an "in stock" (I think they mean in stock at the manufacturer) item. So - this way - I get to see how they style the darn thing :) Hope it is a better job than my work but honestly - for 10 dollars - I am thrilled to just sit back and let them do it.
  • Luvnappin
    @"Happy to ve Retired”
    Yes, totally worth it to have a stylist tweak your wig. I have only purchased from a salon and have had both wigs thinned to my liking.
    Thanks for the heads up on the sale, i’m contemplating Classic Cool from RW or backup of RW muse that I already own. How long does shipping take? I ask due to upcoming travel plans.
    What are you going to buy during your sale?
    Thanks and Happy Turkey Day!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    shipping varies by wig and where you are located - usually in about a week for me - but you should call and see if the wig is in stock. Could be back ordered.

    I am getting a backup Naomi - I am changing colors so my current backups are worthless. I was going to sell them - they are brand new - for about $100 each - but I posted and got little interest and decided I can use them to practice styling - and the color is NOT that much different so i could easily wear them on vacations.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Just to be clear - the email is for 30 percent off - I was hoping it would be more.

    The local shop is also offering 30 percent.
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