• Happy to ve Retired
    I am really ticked. I am changing hair color - so I ordered 2 of my JR Heat and 1 Naomi in my new color - or so I thought. Anyways - I always have to cut some off the back - thin it a bit - and get the bangs right. I cut the tags off of one of the Heat wigs and then I looked at it and realized that even though all of the wigs were labeled the same color - they were NOT. In addition - I would be willing to bet that the lighter wig was a prior return because it looked like it had been "played with". The hair texture was different and it just looked worn. But - by that time - I had taken off the tags and also had combed it, put in my "grip" and trimmed a bit off the back.

    It is not a HUGE difference or I would have noticed immediately - but it is much lighter and the roots are a different color.

    I am wondering if the wig companies send out wigs that have been returned. I also wonder if this wig - someone had changed the color tag. I will keep it because I don't think I have a choice.

    Also - I noticed one of the wigs just "fell into place" with very little work - but the second wig (the lighter one) did not.

    I will be a bit more careful next time even if it is one of my usual styles. So - be aware. Try each wig on before doing anything even if it is just supposed to be a copy of another wig. I am glad it is the Heat because it it less expensive than the Naomi.

    Lesson learned by me.
  • A7X
    Yes, I have two of the RW Stop Traffic (one is rooted, one isn't) and the rooted one is a bit longer in length. I swap them out for each other every 3 weeks or so to make it seem like I went to the salon for root touchup and haircut, though I bet no one notices. I'm going to purchase a third unrooted one in the next few months so it will be interesting to see what it's like.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    i will probably take that same approach. Thing is - all of these wigs were labeled the same color. I am very suspicious tgat someone switched the tags on the one. I just did not catch it in time. So it is styled and thinned and has a clip. I will always check color first thing going forward. I just have to make the best of it and hope no one asks.
  • LaLa
    Inconsistency is my biggest issue with the wig industry. You can’t count on one wig being the same as the next.
    Also I found that the fibers can be different from time to time. I just deal with it the best I can. I don’t order expensive pieces for that very reason.
    It’s too expensive and a hassle to send wigs back if your not happy. I wish there were better quality control and more product consistency from the wig manufacturers
  • Dolly
    I agree - I have ordered Noriko's Lexy a number of times from different but reputable companies - it is my current 'go-to' wig - but I have a couple that I can't even wear because it actually feels like the fiber is different, the cut, the thickness, the way it lays - it's like a whole different wig....Anybody know why this is or what I can do about it to prevent this from happening in the future?
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