• animallover
    Hi all - we were literally stranded in Reno for almost 3 weeks so been offline except for business. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.....little late, I know.
    Does anyone have any positive or negative comments about Reese by Noriko or Classic Cool by RW? I love my Hairdo Textured Bob, it has been an absolute lifesaver and held up wonderfully for over 4 weeks or longer without a bath! I would like to change it up a bit and those two styles seem similar. Thanks!
  • Luvnappin
    Not familiar with Reese, but I have been tempted by RW Classic Cool almost ordering it on Black Friday. If you decide on it post pics on the private board. I’ll check out Reese to compare.
  • animallover
    Thanks for responding. I think I may be leaning towards Reese. I watched some youtube videos on Classic Cool and I actually like my hair to be a little more "messy or wild" Reese seems to be more the way I like. Classic Cool looks nice but more for an office work environment, at least to me. The only thing is I like the RW colors better than the Noriko colors to choose from.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Hi - welcome back. As I recall, one thing you really like about the Hairdo Textured Bob is the fiber - the heat friendly. Neither Reese nor RW Classic Cool are heat friendly fiber (I think ??).

    Reese is a really popular wig. I tried it a few years ago and found it to be just way too thick. I think the textured bob is a bit shorter as well.

    That said - it is just my personal experience and at the time I tried it, I was not used to wigs so the thickness really threw me.

    Let us know what you do. Cheers
  • animallover
    Hi back and thanks! I do like the HD fiber much better. Reese isn't HD but when I tried Billie by Noriko I liked the fiber, just not as much as the HD, but it wasn't bad. Not too shiny. The thing I didn't like about Billie was the color I had ordered and the permatease ...it was more thick than I am used to. I am assuming from what you wrote and the little that I have read is that all Norkio wigs have more permatease than not. Yes, the Haido Textured bob is a little shorter. I am really liking it, it holds up well. I just get kind of bored easy with hair. I have always been one to go from short to long back to short and a different color all the time. My life history of pics I never look the same. I do like the color of my Hairdo a lot., Decisions, decisions......
  • btrflygal7
    I have Reese and love it, you definitely can customize it with product
  • Dolly
    Let's see your photos, ladies!
  • animallover
    So I got 2 new ones with this current sale and my credit.....Reese in Chocolate Frost and Play it Straight by RW in Shaded Toast. I think Reese is similar to my Hairdo Textured Bob but a little longer....my Hairdo is very blonde so Chocolate Frost will be different but it looks like a good winter color. Shaded Toast looks like a nice color too, but I am a little hesitant on such a straight style but thought I would try it just to change it up. I do have Kendall which is my longest wig but I don't wear her much as I don't like the tangles or the hair falling in my face. Play it Straight isn't as long and what I've read is it doesn't tangle as much. The only thing I wish is that both of them would have been in HD fibers, as I really like the look and feel of HD fibers, but, again, I read that the fibers on these two feel really nice. We shall see!!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    my local wig shop had a black friday sale so I purchased 2 wigs there where they include styling. It cost me a bit more than wigs.com - but not very much considering the styling was included. It was interesting. I had 1 cut now and said I would live with that for a couple of weeks before having the second 1 done. It is my experience that you have to wear the wig for a week or so before you really know how it fits/looks. But, I like what she did and it was a real pleasure to just sit there and have it done.

    Meanwhile - i got to see a whole bunch of wigs that I had not tried. I personally am limiting myself to the HD fiber for JR. She said she wears a lot of regular fiber wigs but she scrubs them with baking soda in a wash to get the shine out. I just have found that there is a difference in the way they lay on your head - it is not that I actually use heat to style them but it is more about the texture.

    Anyway - I am very curious to hear how you feel about the fibers on the non-HD wigs that you just got. It does open up a bunch of possibilities if the fiber is acceptable. So many wigs are synthetic and not hd.

    Please do let us know how you like them

    I am probably set for wigs for a while:) I got 3 in the new color and frankly, the new color looks like my old color highlighted. So, I can get away with switching out from time to time. The lighter color is satisfying my need for change for now.
  • animallover
    I just received my newest two wigs and I already sent one back. Reese by Noriko was just way too much hair for me, it looked to me like a helmet of hair on my head. The color was beautiful, Chocolate Frost, but way too dark for me. As I age the lighter colors on me show less aging and kind of perk my face up. I am keeping Play It Straight by RW. I like the color, Shaded Toast, even though it is a little darker than my Hairdo it is still light enough. I adore the style and the razor cut. Casual but dressy as well. The fibers are very nice even though they are not HD. The Noriko fibers were nice too.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I had the same issue with Reese. I bought one years ago before I started wearing wigs. I bought it at a local shop, had it thinned and cut a bit, and I still could not bring myself to wear it outside. I donated it to someone I hope got some use out of it. Could not return it. Ugh. So much $$ down the drain trying to find wigs that I feel comfortable in.
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