• Happy to ve Retired
    I have 3 wigs that I am comparing. I own all three - although I only wear 2 of them.

    I would say one (straight up with a twist) looks pretty natural. The lace front is IMHO one of the best. I am not crazy about the color of this wig. I like the fiber. It is not too thick and actually looks like how someone with "nice" hair might wear their hair everyday. It is "just hair" and I think it does not "flatter" the way the other hair does.

    I have a Naomi which is much more "styled". It has a nice lace front and mono top - both of which make it look natural. However - because the hair is styled - I think it takes on a bit of a wig look because (speaking for myself) I would never go to that much trouble to style my hair like that every day. I do think I look better in that wig. It has "dirty" bangs and just looks kind of salon done - but still not forced. It moves so does not look sprayed.

    I have a Heat by JR - which is sort of in between. It has a lace front but no mono top. To me - a mono top makes a wig look more natural if someone is "taking a close look" at my scalp or standing over me. The lace front does also help on this - even with bangs. It is more styled than straight up with a twist - but looks more like something I might actually do every day if I had nice bio hair. If I had to describe the level of "look" - I would say it looks like I took some time but did not spend an hour.

    I am thinking that I look best in Naomi. My least favorite look on me is straight up with a twist.

    So - curious to know what kind of decisions you make. Do you choose a wig that looks most natural? Do you choose a wig that seems to "enhance" your face but looks like it would have been just "done"? Do you choose something in the middle that looks more like a wig but is comfy and is more flattering than the most natural.

    I find myself choosing the "middle way" most days. I just really wish it had a mono top. But I really want the HD fiber (will not get regular synthetic ever again). Have not seen a similar wig that fits the bill and has the color i want.

    I only wear straight up with a twist around the house. To me - I look tired in that wig.
  • PennyC
    So you're saying that if it looks like you made an effort to style your hair, that's not being "true to yourself?" I'm sure you must make an effort to dress nicely and neatly, and keep your nails in good shape.
    I'm turning 68 this month and you wouldn't BELIEVE the number of steps in my beauty routine! And that's just to look OK for going to the market.
    Also, who are these people who are standing over you and staring at your scalp?
  • Happy to ve Retired
    LOL - if i am sitting and someone comes over and is standing/ then the top of my head can be what they see.

    I think it is a question if degree and also where you are going during the day. If going somewhere casual - you want your hair to look nice but it is not the same as heading out to dinner.

    If i had good biohair - i would hopefully look nice heading out to the store but it is unlikely that i would curl it - etc. probably a straight blow dry and off i go.

    This was my question - does a wig almost look too nice so people look and say wig. I think all of my wigs look natural but some look more done.
  • PennyC
    I do get it.
    My bio hair was kinky-curly. I almost always wore it back in a pony, but out for "nice events'". I don't worry about people who comment on my new style, because I'm completely "out" about it. The wig styles today are about 360 degrees from the ones my grandmother wore, and they look and feel so much more natural.
    I could definitely see saving the more "styled" ones for good occasions, but I pretty much wear whichever I feel like on a given day. I don't usually have sloppy T-shirt days unless I'm sick, so any style works for me.

  • Happy to ve Retired
    I guess what I am asking is - do wigs that are nicely curled or waved and just look done - do people in a casual setting just assume it is a wig???

    It is not a case of not being true to myself - so much as not wanting too much attention drawn to my head:)

    For example - Jane Fonda looks GREAT in my opinion. But, people would likely be thinking "wig" when they see pics of her. Just saying that her hair looks "too good to be true".

    This all came into my head as I put my straight up with a twist on this morning to wear around the house. I like the wig. It has a great lace front. It is way fuller than my hair ever was. It is like the style i use to wear when I had "decent" hair. But is it very plain (for lack of a better word). It might be the color. But, it just does not seem as "flattering" as my other wigs. When I say flattering -some wigs really lift up your face and other just don't. If I had good bio hair - I would likely be wearing my hair like straight up with a twist. It just got me thinking.
  • PennyC
    I honestly don't think that having your hair nicely styled makes people think it's a wig. i see people at the market, the doctor's office,un-fancy restaurants, parks, some as sloppy as you could imagine (and that's bad, because I live in Florida LOL), and I also see people in those situations who look chic and put-together. You have a say in your self-image and you deserve to look just as nice as you want to!
  • Lady with Hair
    Happy to be Retired...I get you completely! My bio hair was straight, but stylable when I wanted to dress up more. I often wonder as well if my wig looks too overly styled, particularly when I wear a curlier piece. One of my least favorite wigs is Timeless Beauty by Gabor. Is it a nice wig? Absolutely...lace front, mono part, not much perma tease, shoulder length with a slight curve at the ends. BUT, it’s really basic...to me. Color is buttered toast, nothing over the top. It is most like my bio hair though. And, btw, I often think of how the top looks while sitting at my desk and I have one of our executives looking over me at my computer screen. I am 69 years old and while it is no secret that I wear wigs, I still want them to look as natural as possible without being over stated. I have worn JR Kristen for years in the office place as well, but I am now enjoying Noriko Jackson, May and Seville when at home. Had a little struggle getting used to the basic cap, but the hair fibers are beautiful.

    On the other hand, sometimes I wear just what I feel like wearing, and therein lies the beauty and versatility of wigs!
  • animallover
    I get you totally. I sometimes wear my Sweet Talk by Gabor after being 4 or 5 days working in a semi. I am sure that when I go pay for diesel people don't think I have a beauty parlor in the truck! LOL And, yes, sometimes I feel self-conscious because "my hair" looks so good. And at times I see the female clerk looking oddly at my head. One even said to me, "I never thought you'd be paying for truck diesel as you look too "clean cut". I laughed. I feel most comfortable in my Textured Bob by Hairdo. It just goes with everything....dressed up or sweat pant sloppy. Plus the color is anything but ordinary so I feel really great in it. I just received my newest two wigs and I already sent one back. Reese by Noriko was just way too much hair for me, it looked to me like a helmet of hair on my head. The color was beautiful but way too dark for me. As I age the lighter colors on me show less aging and kind of perk my face up. I am keeping Play It Straight by RW. I like the color even though it is a little darker than my Hairdo it is still light enough. I adore the style and the cut. Casual but dressy as well. The fibers are very nice even though they are not HD. The Noriko fibers were nice too.
    Having "styled" hair really doesn't bother me, I kind of enjoy have great hair everyday, rain, snow, humidity or shine! And I never run from pictures anymore.....I am actually in family photos once again!
  • alicexm
    I am 65, and have been wearing wigs regularly for about a year. I wear wigs that are much like I would be wearing my bio hair if I had enough. Daily to the office it’s mostly shoulder length - Elle and Marion by Jon Reneau. Weekends I wear longer styles I can pull into a messy clip look or back with a scrunchie. I accelerated my graying this last year and have settled on Oyster / medium grey.

    My late mother, on the other hand, was one of those ladies who had a standing Friday noon appointment at the “beauty parlor” to get her hair washed, styled into tight curls which were sprayed into submission for the week. She slept in a foam wrap of some sort on a satin pillowcase to preserve this do for the week. Her morning routine which she followed for 40 years was to finger or pick the curls to “fluff” back. To say it was a helmet would be kind. I doubt anyone thought much whether it was her hair or a wig, but as I look at some shorter curly styles I am reminded of her styles.

    I guess what I’m saying is that there are those women for whom a salon style is their style, be it from the salon or the wig stand. That’s not me, never was. But if it is you, I say go for it. Hair is a personal statement. It’s what YOU feel comfortable with. Sounds like Naomi is you.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    So much seems to depend on the "mood I am in. Very frustrated that different styles in the same color look quite different.

    I am throwing out old worn out wigs in the old color. Today I tried on an old Eve by JR. I had stopped wearing it and now I think the whole problem may have been the color. It is much darker than my other shaded mocha wigs. Anyways - I loved the wig today and now I am thinking of getting one in my new color. This one is lightly worn but it is way darker than I like. It might be the perfect wig for everyday - has a mono top and I can cut bangs and cut the side so it is just a bob. Has mono top so solves my overhead issue. Now that I have my wig steamer - I can train the hair the way I want. So - NOW I will likely buy one in my new color - and I will again be ticked if when I get it the color is completely different from the others. I will wait for a good sale and I am hoping it will be wigs.com that comes up with something more than 30 percent.

    I bought 2 Naomi with a black friday sale at my local wig shop. Included styling. What a treat. It was going to a salon - but with good hair to work with. She did a really good job - I have those almost completely cut and restyled with thinning and "dirty bangs". Picked up a new trick with getting bangs into a lace front. Since we are changing the way the lacefront hair falls - she runs the nubs of a brush over the "knots" to release the direction that they are styled for. Really seems to work. A neat trick.

    So much depends on lifestyle. As a retired person living in a community that is very casual - I am influenced by other people and their styles. I do find that some of the people at bridge tend to have "done" hair but for the most part they are a bit older. Younger folk are more likely to have a big clip tying their hair up or back. My life frequently consists of hiking, pool exercise, going to the gym, playing bridge, traveling, typically relaxed/casual eating out. Occasionally I spend time in an art studio. Very little "dress up".
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I can totally relate to what you are saying. I play a lot of bridge and the age group tends to be a bit older. Interestingly - the older people always have their hair in a done style. The younger folks look more casual and like they have "other things to do with their time". I will tell you that I think I look better in Naomi - but I frequently wear Heat because it is more casual - less "curl". Now - even the Naomi is styled to be a casual bob with some curl - so it is not totally a "done" look either. Definitely not a helmet look and I do know what you mean by that.

    As I "stay on the earth longer" I realize that there is more of a "need" to enhance your natural looks than when I was "not on the earth this long".

    It is interesting to me that you have decided to accelerate the grey. I just had my Naomi's styled at a local wig shop and we discussed the popularity of greys as she had a lot of them there. A few years back I had a conversation at the gym with a lady who was then 71 - she said she was so sick of looking at blonds and grey hair. She had auburn hair and she looked great. That comment stuck with me but I have gone with the blond avenue anyway. Some people look great in grey hair but I am definitely not one of them.
  • CJK
    I work in an office (seated at a desk) so people can always see the top of my head. Mono tops and lace fronts would be an absolute necessity but as they are too expensive for daily use, I just put up with my thinning and sad hair Monday to Friday ... (I am in NZ so our dollar is low and shipping is high).
  • Klavisha
    I go for a casual look both in style and color. I have Jon Renau's Cameron in color 8RH14 medium brown and several Mariskas in 8RH14 and the wonderful color 38, a mixed medium brown with 35% grey evenly mixed throughout which closely matches my biohair. JR offers nice styles in the petite cap size, which I need, but I wish JR would produce more of its styles in realistic non-salon colors like the two I own. All of my wigs are lace front, full monotop, and 100% hand-tied cap. More expensive but worth it for me. I've been spoiled, and a wig will have to be really stupendous for me to choose it without those features, all of which add to the realism of the look.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I love the look of Cameron. It is a tad too long for me based on other wigs that I have tried. But it is totally natural looking and it looks great at the same time. Oddly - Mariska was too short for me. So, you have an interesting combination. I like the look of both wigs but neither worked for me.
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