• Dolly
    I have over 70 wigs currently but I am an entertainer and go through many when doing shows and/or traveling. I sometimes look for new styles and sometimes make wrong choices. Sometimes, I don't return them in a timely manner or forget! As a result, I have a bunch that I can't/won't use, still in their original packaging and I'm starting to run out of room. They've never been worn. Mostly, I'm fussy about color and those little swatches on the color rings don't really tell me much. In the past, I have given wigs to patients who have lost their hair due to treatment but I am starting to think about selling some of these; I have a fortune tied up in HAIR! Have any of you sold your unused wigs online? If so, where? Are any sites better than others? EBAY? Craigslist? Amazon.com ? What has been your experience? I'm currently getting ready to do something with Henry Margu 'Paige' in color 14H <a href="http://www.henrymargu.com/product/paige/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.henrymargu.com/product/paige/</a> and Raquel Welch 'Curve Appeal' in RL 16/88 (Pale Golden Honey) <a href="http://www.canadawig.com/wigs/raquel-welch?product_id=1001" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.canadawig.com/wigs/raquel-welch?product_id=1001</a> I would love both of these if they were in a lighter color. They both look more brown than blonde to me. Suggestions?
  • Vee1028
    any wigs I don't wear go on Ebay or on one of the Facebook groups I belong to.
  • Lolly
    I too have an abundance of items I haven’t worn. Can I ask what FB group you use?
  • Dolly
    Yes, what facebook group do you use? Other suggestions, anyone?
  • Cathe Lartigue
    I'm currently trying to donate wigs I don't wear to women who need them. i.e. Cancer donations. Trying to work with a local hospital.
  • alicexm
    I use Flip Your Wig on FB. it’s a private managed site, so no “outing” allowed.
  • mcvoice
    Hi Dolly. I have sold a couple wigs on Ebay and a couple of toppers. I had good experiences with all the sales. Even one that the customer "changed her mind" Ebay was great about their "seller protection" policy so I was pleased with the outcome. Of course Ebay gets a sellers fee, and most buyers want to purchase is for less than say a wig site where they can but it new and use a 30% off coupon so I kept those things in mind when I priced them. I did purchase a wig (worn once/basically tried on) from a lady who was a new wig wearer and didn't get the color right. That too was a good experience. I just joined the private FB good Flip Your Wig so we'll see how that goes. RE: your HM Paige Wig and the RW Curve Appel - can you tell me if either (are rooted colors). The colors you have are the colors I wear (I only wear blonde colors but I think you probably go more platinum) but I usually only wear rooted colors. I know I've seen a couple vids on how to root a wig so if you want to email me maybe we can talk more. my email is
  • Vee1028
    I am a member of The Wig Hub, Wig Wearers Support Group, Jessica New Wig Support Group, and Flip Your Wig. These are all groups that allow you to buy and sell wigs. The first 2 groups are my favorite, but all of them are good.
  • Lolly
  • sillysonjia
    HI Dolly, I've sold a few that just didn't look good on me on Ebay. I have also sold a couple on FB - The Wig Hub.
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    Great topic! It's interesting to see what happens to wigs once they leave wigs.com and then your heads! Very informative :)
  • Diane gibbs
    I donate to cancer center goodwill.They shape them refresh sometimes recycle.
  • Diane gibbs
    Folks if u have any hair at all and tell your friends when you pass have them shave hair you do have thiers a place in boston who makes wigs for children at st.judes .
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