• animallover
    Question about ear tabs again. Out of the 6 wigs I own, 5 are all different brands. Those 5 have all different types of ear tabs, my question is do ear tabs mostly stop right below the temple area or are they supposed to be closer to the top front of the ear? I really like my newest purchase, RW Play it Straight, but the ear tabs seem kind of high, like near the temple, which makes it just a little more uncomfortable than I like, not uncomfortable feeling wise, but more like a secure issue or a image issue. Probably not explaining correctly for someone to understand, sorry.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Wow - if the ear tabs are that high does the wig fit? I mean - there is a lot of space between the ear and the temple. Hmmmm.

    I am almost always wearing JR so I am totally comfortable with those ear tabs. I did not notice much difference with the Hairdo.
  • animallover
    I should probably stick to one brand of wigs than I will be used to all the different ear tabs! Where do the ear tabs on your JR wigs fall? I tried on my Hairdo and they are right in front of the top of my ears. My RW is above the ear about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. It just feels like it is going to pop off. I don't think it is too small as the cap fits well and the back is where it should be......just the ear tabs feel differently.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    on JR on me - just above the ear on me.
  • alicexm
    I mostly wear JR and ear tabs are just above the top of my ears. I have a couple of Envy wigs and they are just a little lower.
  • Klavisha
    Do any of you have wigs with the silicone ear tabs instead of the felt ones? I am considering trying an Ellen Wille wig, the Wave Deluxe, which has the silicone kind. I do have biohair, so wouldn't need the tabs to stick to my skin. Do you notice any difference in the feel or function of the two kinds? Are the silicone ones thinner? I do notice that my wigs, almost all JR, feel bulky around my ears; I have a very small head and the felt ear tabs sit very low down almost onto my ears.
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