• Larry
    Hi I'm Larry,

    When I was in college I used to wear a variety of different wigs. I'd be bald one day, a red head the next, then a brunette, etc. I did it mostly because I worked with some people with alopecia areata and I wanted to show that wigs can be fun. I also found that a lot of people without alopecia came to me and shared their problems and issues. This was an unexpected blessing, but it meant a lot since I'm a Christian. A lot of the girls I dated liked my wig "life style" and of course some did not.

    I've been thinking about wearing wigs again. I have one twice this year for alopecia awareness and breast cancer awareness (my sister had both breasts removed, and it's been a year and she is cancer free). Anyway, I discovered that I miss the compliments and the variety of looks. I really want to wear wigs again, but I'm 54 now and wonder if I'm too old to wear them again. I love myself bald (I shave off what I can still grow), and am not interested in hair restoration. I would like to know what you think since it is an unusual thing for a man to do.

    God bless,

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  • Larry
    Thank you Alex, your message has made my day.

    God bless,

  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    Wigs are our favorite word at wigs.com ! We can't get enough of them and feel strongly that wigs are meant for anyone and everyone who loves them!
  • alicexm
    Larry, I say go for it. Changing your appearance changes your attitude - for the better. You will meet such nice people and can jumpstart a conversation with someone who needs a new outlook. Blessings to you. And keep us posted!
  • Vee1028
    hi and welcome to the forum! I think you should do whatever makes you happy and be I don't think you're ever too old to have fun and never too old to change up your look! Take a look at the thread below. I haven't seen John post in a while but he was definitely a man who knew how to have fun with his style!
    For some reason the link takes you to the bottom of the thread. Just scroll up for his story and pictures.

  • Larry
    Hi Vee1028,

    Thank you so much for writing to me. It always makes my day when someone emails me about a topic I've started.

    God bless and love,

  • Xelda
    Sorry I'm just now seeing this, Larry. This is your time, your life and it's up to you if you wear a wig or not. If you get a chance, watch A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story. I know it's extreme, but it helps put some things into perspective. If you wear a wig, do it for yourself and no one else. At the end of the day, you'll be happier with your decision. God bless you.
  • Mort
    A wig is a magical thing. It amplifies whatever playfulness, confidence, style, sense of adventure, attitude, or image the wearer wants to project. It’s all about believing. You sound like the perfect person to wear wigs...and be a surfer dude one day, bald the next, a player the next. Do it. Be extraordinary. Live unconventionally. Do not be bound by the expectations of an unimaginative world. It’s just a wig...yet...not.
  • Malibu Marge
    Hi, Larry,
    IMO, go for it. I started wearing wigs a couple of months ago as an encouragement to my daughter who has alopecia. I’m almost 66 and am having a ball changing it up every day and styling my wigs. I’m even wearing long hair! I tell people who see me for the first time in a wig that my fairy godmother left me some hair. Some people are probably gossiping, but I’ve dealt with jealousy all my life. So, one day it is Golden Nutmeg, then Sparkling Champagne and now my first Amaretto and Cream-all Envyhair from short Coti to long Veronica
    Have fun!
  • Karenber
    How awesome are you? We are the same age and I was just visualizing my college days in the 80s and thinking about meeting you back then with different wigs! Amazing and inspirational!!! You should totally keep rocking them now . It is so much fun to change our looks on a daily basis. I dont have alopecia, but thinning hair. I wear different wigs all the time and I teach high school. I let my kids know I wear wigs as a fashion accessory and they like it. You know teenagers are the ultimate critics,so if I am getting positive feedback from them you have nothing to fear!
    Much love,
  • Larry
    Thank you everyone. Your positive comments were enough to wearing wigs off and on again. One of the things I like about wigs is how it's increased the number of female friends I have, and wig talk has allowed me to be closer to the women who were already friends.

    I've also learned a valuable lesson now that I can afford to buy a custom wig -- be careful in choosing your color shade. The first one I ordered was suppose to be light auburn, what I got was orangutan orange! When I asked for a refund and what wildlife preserve do I send it back to? Alas, because it was custom made by my instruction, I'm stuck with it. It's a human hair wig and it will be recolored a more acceptable color. The second wig company provides samples so you can see what their idea of light auburn matches what I consider light auburn lol. We live and learn.

    God bless and Love,
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