• Happy to ve Retired
    Curious as to how many people wear full hats over full wigs. Do you buy special hats that are intended for wigs? I have been wearing my wig as a hat in the summer but wonder about cold climates.
  • virginia
    I have been wondering this also! When I started wearing my wig, I found that most of my sun hats and winter hats don't fit anymore. My own hair was so thin, and the wig has more volume. I have a visor and a couple of baseball caps that I can adjust to accommodate the wig.
  • PennyC
    I live in Florida, but when i visited NYC in October, I used my jacket's loose hood over my wig. Not the best for frigid temperatures, but it worked for me and the wig stayed nice and neat.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    i am now thinking earmuffs and a scarf???

    The same issue seems to apply to helmets of one sort or another.

    I was looking at doing an escape room and everyone was wearing miners caps so i was concermed.

    Before i stated wearing wigs - we did a mine tour in south africa and we had to wear thr complete outfit including a hard hat. Not sure how i would handle that now.

    How about bicycle helmets or doing a segway tour?

    Anyone have any experiences?
  • PennyC
    Well, since the wildest things I do are reading and sewing I can't help you LOL.
  • dc21
    Just make sure you have a good method to secure your hair when you are wearing helmets, etc. You don't want you hair to come off when you remove your helmet/hat.

    I live in Florida and wear my older wigs with bucket hats for errands all the time. My favorite is the tan Campobello hat from the online The Vermont Country Store. I buy the l/xl to fit over my wig. I buy two a year and wear them out. I flip the front up and get so many complements on this hat. Bucket hats are my favorite, but I have many wide brimmed sun hats too. I also love the made in Canada Tilley bucket hats.

    I think scarves are stylish for winter, and I would definitely wear them on windy days if I lived up North. I don't have a winter wardrobe as I wear shorts year round here.
  • Jnc
    My husband and I volunteer at a state park here in Washington, and I have to wear a hat to keep the sun off of my face. I have an old wig that I wear with my hat. I use the Got2be glued gel and it holds my hair on nicely. I just remember to hold the front of my hair done when I take the hat off. On nice thing - no hat hair! In the winter I wear hats over whatever wig I have on. Works just fine. I already have a big head, so sometimes finding one that fits is a problem. :)
  • linda
    I have a “big” head too. But need to wear a hat when in the sun. And if the wind is blowing just to feel a little more secure:)
    I wear knit hats and fedoras. However, when riding I just use a scarf or baseball cap, sans wig.
    I still have enough bio hair to get by with this.
  • br13
    As part of my job duties, I have to go outside year-round for 30 minutes. We live in a northern state, so a winter hat is essential. I tried several hats that my kids and I already had, and found two that fit over my full unit. One is a stretchy knit, and the other is a kids beanie. Both were cheap store bought pieces. I think if someone had a very full unit, they could probably just have someone knit a larger size. When I come in from outside, I just take off my hat in the bathroom to make sure everything looks good, and usually I just have to smooth it down a bit, and I'm good to go. I always use It Stays in the front for security, whether it is a hat-needed day or not. I have also gone sledding and cross-country skiing for longer time periods with no problems.
  • Jenny
    If I don't have to take my hat off I wear a wig from Amazon that was $16 and I wear a hat over it so I don't have to rough up my nice wigs. It's my designated "hat wig" for shoveling or running out to the store quick. I've been thinking about getting the Classic Band wig from Henry Margu for this purpose too and as a quick throw on wig for comfy days at home.
  • Diane gibbs
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