• Amber
    I started steaming things, and OH BOY THE CHANGES!! I steamed an old hairDo brand clip in bang that looked like Barbie hair, and I steamed a really curly Amore Penelope in Razberry Ice STRAIGHT! I also revived my chocolate cherry Zara. It's kinda addicting! I did a steaming vid using the Jon Renau steamer. What steamers do you use?! I also steamed some curve into some trimmed bangs. My trimmed Haute bangs wanted to split and the steamer did wonders!! I'll add a link to the video so you can see some before and afters. The Penelope transformation is pretty cool!!


  • linda
    Very nice!
    Is it hard to do?
  • Laura
    If you steam in curls/waves, do they stay after washing?
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    We recommend using a curling iron instead of a steamer, unless you are styling straight. (of course you won't want to exceed 350 degrees on synthetic hair). Synthetic hair will hold it's style so long as you wash in cool water. Human hair will lose its style just like natural hair :)
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Hi Amber - I also use the Jon Renau steamer. I find it extremely beneficial - especially when trying to train the front of a wig including the bangs. I have also used hot roller and also a curling iron. I only buy heat friendly wigs. All of these methods have their pros and cons.

    But the steamer seems to be the only thing that helps my bangs lie correctly - they no longer want to stick out. I personally have had far more success using the steamer to style the wigs. I have used hot roller with a small bit of success as well. In addition to your video - there is a video by another website that discusses steaming around the lace fronts. Says it is a total "no no" to directly steam the lace front or the mono top - and I have adhered to that. Steam the hair around the lace front but not the lace front. This is where the jon renau steamer is valuable because it pin points the target.

    Amber thanks for the video. The wigs you are wearing look amazing on you.
  • Lolly
    You can use mesh rollers (Amazon). Use your T-pins to attach to your wig head, steam each roller on top and underneath, let cool down then take down the roller set. It stays till you steam it straight. I also use one square of tp to keep end smooth on the roller, kind of like you’re wrapping a perm. And I use my clothes steamer. I’ve also used my round brush with my steamer to build volume into my toppers, you just have to let it cool down before removing the brush. It doesn’t matter if it’s damp it’s the heat that changes the direction of synthetic hair
  • Dolly
    You're looking great Amber!
  • linda
    Hi Lolly, I just found your picture and bio. I too wear toppers. Ive been wearing them nearly 10 years.
    Could you tell me your favorites?
    thank you.
  • gr8hnd
    I began steaming mine after reading about it courtesy of another vendor’s website. My own results: it’s great. I use steam on all my synthetic wigs now. I also use low heat via a styling wand, whether HF or not. Huge difference.
  • WinniePegg
    I got one of my wavy ones totally straight by putting it on a mannequin head in the bath and pouring boiling water over it. It was a heat resistant synthetic wig.
  • Erzsike
    I have been using a hand-held clothes steamer but I decided I wanted more direct steam. Broke down and ordered the Jon Renau wig steamer! I have also seen a video using steam and flex rods to curl synthetics. anyone here use flex rods? I am thinking of looking for some.
  • Erzsike
    what brand of styling wand to you use? I am very interested in finding one to use on synthetics. The one I used to use is all sold out and no more are being manufactured. Thanks!
  • Klavisha
    Steam is also useful for straightening out "fried" synthetic fibers resulting from exposure to a blast of heat. I thoughtlessly opened a hot oven door while in my wig, which frazzled the front. My Jon Renau steamer came to the rescue. The ends of the fibers still feel rough, but the wig is wearable now.
  • Malibu Marge
    Suggest the HOT SHOT wand. It goes down to 280F and is variable diameter. Purchased at Sally. I did buy a separate heat glove.
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