• HeatherE
    Hello! I got into toppers last April. It was a bumpy ride to say the least, I spent a lot of money and eventually settled on top secret (new name now) by JR. I liked the look but hated wearing it. I found myself avoiding leaving the house because I disliked wearing a topper so much. The clips were uncomfortable, the hair was hot, I was self-conscious about the little edge by the part, and when I took it off my hair underneath was a hot mess. It also took me forever to get the clips lined correctly. I'd put it on too far front or back or too far left or right. I'd be mad and frustrated and my mood would just plummet. So fall came and I've just been wearing knit hats when I leave the house and it's been like a wonderful lengthy vacation. But, spring, summer, and my daughter's wedding in September is coming, so a knit hat isn't going to cut it. For those who have worn both- would a wig maybe be a better option for me? Is it easier, more comfortable? Or should I just keep doing battle with my topper during the warmer part of the year? Any and all advice is appreciated!
  • PennyC
    I use both, and I'll add that I need to cover most of my head -- I have enough at the nape to blend with the topper, and that's all. Yes, the clips can be annoying. However, a wig is like a tight hat over the whole head. I'd personally compare it to wearing shoes that are a tad bit too tight. You would have to decide for yourself which is more tolerable for you.
    I have to flatiron my nape hair to blend it with my topper (and hope there won't be any humidity). For a wedding, you might be better off with a wig, but for everyday wear, I vote for a topper...and you can move the clips if they drive you nuts in a particular spot.
  • marieni84
    I started wearing toppers in November 2017, and tried my first wig a year later. I wear both, although I have been trying to wear wigs a little more to give my hair a rest from the topper clips. I'll try to give you my experience with both.

    Toppers are lighter, cooler, and in my opinion a little more comfortable. They take more work to be sure they are blended, and I had to worry a little more about them getting flipped up or showing the bio hair underneath, since it is pretty hard to have it match your bio hair exactly. My concern with the toppers is the traction alopecia. That was the main reason I looked into wigs. I think your hair will be a hot mess underneath no matter which you wear!

    Wigs feel completely different. You have a bit of tension all around your head. I would sometimes completely forget I was wearing a topper, but so far I am always aware of having a wig on, however I've only been wearing a wig for a couple of months. They are hotter because they have more coverage around your head, than a few clips. They take less work to get ready, since you aren't having to blend your bio hair, which is kind of nice. Just plop it on and go. I like both, but for different reasons. I will probably continue to wear wigs while it is cooler to give my bio hair a rest from the clips, but I may switch back to toppers in the summer when it is hotter.
  • HeatherE
    Thank you so much for your responses. So does a wig not need to be taped or glued on? I never really understood that aspect. And I totally get the topper clips issue- I had some balding in those spots and I only wore it occasionally.
  • PennyC
    Wigs are snug, and they should not normally need any adhesive or attachments. I should mention here that they all have adjusters in the back. However, some people use special tape in front, some people sew in clips like the ones in toppers, and some people use sticky products also in the hairline area.
    I use a Wig Grip, which is a snug soft headband that goes under the wig and prevents it from moving while you wear it. Love it!
  • mcvoice
    I wore toppers thru 2017 and then Christmas that year I started wearing Wigs S (so Dec 2018 marked a year of wig wearing) I remember I started in Dec 2017 and so it was cold - and I felt a huge relief knowing that my hair would look great all day despite the weather and going in and outdoors, whatever clothes I had on. It was Jon Renau Scarlet (and I had been wearing JW Top Wave.). I think that for a while you do feel like you may never forget it's there - but actually, eventually, you DO forget it's there. I wear a wig every day now and once she's on and I'm working or singing or talking with folks or whatever I'm doing - unless I'm thinking about hair - I'm not thinking about it/my hair/my wig. And I don't usually wear a wig cap or any kind of adhesive. Occasionally I have to adjust the hair if I put my purse strap or satchel over my shoulder and the hair got caught - but that hardly happens. I've been outside in Chicago weather, on a boat, in a fast convertible (Ok for this I did put my hand on top of my head lol) but no glue or adhesive. Once in a while I will put the ItStays on if its going to be a super long day and I maybe have a couple of concerts and/or costume changes (I am a professional vocalist) but otherwise no need really. I believe the longer you wear wigs the more comfortable YOU become and eventually it will be just like when you put on a bra or put in a tampon or even slide into your spanx. They become part of you stop thinking/worry about it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and building your confidence day by day. It will get easier and your wigs will become the best friend you look forward to seeing. She is the best (silent) team member you'll ever have :). https://www.maureenchristine.com/
  • HeatherE
    Thanks for sharing your experience with me!
  • linda
    Hello Heather, I appreciate the conversation that your question has generated. It's one near and dear to me. Ive been wearing Rene' Of Paris toppers for nearly 10 years. I have 3 that I rotate and they are still in great condition. My hairdresser who managed a wig salon for years introduced me to them. I still have bio hair, but I have major thinning in the front and crown area. I didn't realize it at the time but the RP was exceptional for that time for not only fiber, and color, but it has a large and comfortable base. It's about a 9x9. I can create a number of styles. Or just cut my hair really short and I have a bob. When I decided to try replacing it the RP "Josie" was discontinued. So Ive been on my own journey to replace the topper. Ive tried most of the toppers from 2017-2018. While I may like the color and fiber the base is too small. And way too much or too long hair. Imagine my excitement when I found Top Full by JR.
    Alas It was a horrible fit. A stretch cap like a (worse) wig but with clips. A painful experience to say the very least. A toppers base should be (no matter size) smooth, and silky with clips positioned so that it can slide on and/or underneath the bio hair. And fit close to the top of the ear. Not perched on the top on one's head. Im still hopeful Rene' of Paris will recognize that there are buyers out here for the Josie and resurrect her or make a similar model:)
    BTW, Ive had no hair loss. If it pulls, I adjust it. But I know first hand that the current crop of toppers do not allow for this and still stay securely on your head.
    I bought my first wig. But like the shoe analogy, it' Im conscious of it all the time.
    Im sure this is more than your were asking for.
    Thanks for the time.
  • HeatherE
    That sounds so incredibly frustrating. I hope they bring back the piece that worked for you!
  • Deborah
    I've worn wigs toppers and weaves for years...have you thought of a lace closure? It depends on how thin your hair is ...it can be glued down or sewn down. I have retired now so I have a buzz cut which I've grown to love. For my daughters wedding I had a closure glued on for pictures. I think was beautiful.
  • Melody
    I have worn wigs every day for over 20 years and I love them. I don't use any glue or tape. I just throw them on after my shower, brush them into place and go. Sometimes I use the wig grip which adds to my feeling of security. I don't even notice I have on a wig. I lived in Houston, Tx for 7 years and didn't have a problem with sweating or anything. Maybe because of open wefting? I don't know.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    I've worn both and now stick to wigs exclusevily. The thing for me, with toppers is that they never stayed "right" on my head. The clips were annoying. I was so self-conscience that it wasn't worth the aggravation. I've since kept my toppers to wear at home and the beach for messy buns.
    With wigs, it's a no-brainer. I'm not worried about the placement or shifting and they are more comfortable and more natural looking for me. No stress hair!
  • Iluvmyhair
    I started my hair journey with a wig topper. I loved it at first, but it did take some time to style my own hair in with the topper hair and I was already so thin on top (in the area of the clips), that the topper never felt truly secure. Also, since I highlighted my hair to cover the gray, it was tricky for my hair stylist to make sure the new highlight matched the topper. After a few months, that same sweet hairdresser suggested I try full wigs. I purchased one and I've worn full wigs from that point on. Wigs also take a bit of time to adjust to, but be patient, try different brands, don't be afraid to style and experiment. Some run big, some run smaller. Wigs.com customer service is *wonderful* and will take the time to help you through the struggles of finding the wigs and brands that work best. I have my favorite brands that work for me and others just don't. It's now been almost 5 years and I embrace wig wearing and am so very thankful everyday for the options that are available out there. I find that what I spend on synthetic wigs is not much more than what I spent on professional hair salons in the way of cuts, color and expensive products. And of course, with the extremely thin hair I have, all that money still did not produce what a nice wig does - *great* hair with no effort!! Wigs have quite literally changed my life. And if all my natural hair magically sprouted back, I would *still* have wigs in my closet. I tell all my friends that every woman should have at least one wig in her closet. Life is just too busy and time too precious to spend excessive time on hair worries and stress! ~Amy
  • Jenny
    Hi Heather! I've worn both toppers and wigs. I wear wigs exclusively now since my hair loss has progressed. For me, toppers were cooler and more comfortable to begin with. My first day trying my first wig was terrible. I was sure it would slide off, it was hot and uncomfortable! Fast forward maybe five days later and I truly hardly remembered that I was wearing one! I think that it you wear one consistently for a brief time you really do adjust. Unlike what someone mentioned above somewhere I do have to wear tape with most of the wigs I own. Maybe I have an odd head shape! But wigs do shift around on me and one small (about an inch) piece of lace tape on the top of my forehead keeps my wigs in place all day. I wanted to add that wearing toppers for about five months pulled so much of my hair out-BUT my hair was quite thin to start with. I also want to say that confidence can really be key! If your feeling insecure or focusing on how awkward you feel it's going to be a harder process to get comfortable! Rock that hair!! :-)
  • Lolls
    An alternative to a topper or a full wig is the integration wig. An integration wig has openings to allow you to pull your bio hair through to blend with the wig. You can have it designed with the most hair where you have the most hair loss, i.e., top and crown or all over. I have plenty of hair from the temple area down so I need coverage on top and crown of my head. I've worn an integration wig for 20+ years now and prefer them because I feel it is the most natural look. Also, I take the clips out and use combs instead. The combs don't "bite" and are easier on my scalp and bio hair. Hope this is helpful!
  • linda
    Hi Lolls, what an interesting concept. Where can I learn more about this?
  • animallover
    I at first tried toppers, both HH and synthetic, could not find one to match the texture or color of my hair and found the clips uncomfortable and I really don't know if I would have had the courage to go out of the house with a topper. Than I finally ordered a couple of wigs, at first I found them uncomfortable and bulky and hot (it was July)and thought no way. But I kept them, wore them around the house, than to the grocery store, and, well, now I wear them every where and just love them. I do find certain styles too hot for my busy life style, especially in the summer months, but have found some that I like better than others that work for me. I never really know I have a wig on now that I am used to them. I do not use any adhesives or wig caps. Just plop them on and go.
  • HeatherE
    Wow thanks for the input. I think I need to just try one on and see.
  • Lolls
    Sorry for the delay. Since we cannot list other wig websites, I would suggest you search for "integration wigs" or email me. Hope this helps!
  • linda
    Thank you. I did think of that too:) So I googled, and read on it. Interesting. What I (sorta) understand is it may require weekly or at the very least monthly upkeep.
    Thanks for the input.
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