• Happy to ve Retired
    Hello - i just got one rw wig in shaded wheat - hd - which i liked on another rw wig - also hd. You would never know that they were the same color. Same with shaded praline jr - ugh.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  • animallover
    That's interesting. I have two Hairdo wigs in shaded wheat and both match. Do you know if Haird shaded wheat and RW shaded wheat are the same? I like that color a lot. How far off is the color in each wig? Must be so frustrating.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    wish i had taken a side by side pic. Thing is - i dont know which one is off. I am sending all back. This shaded wheat had a yellowy look. The difference was so obvious my husband noticed it - hmmmm. They are different styles and that might mean a different blend.
  • Misty
    Hi I have had that happen with my Jon Renau's as well. I was wearing 24B22, and one was much lighter than the other. I actually liked the lighter one best, sadly that is not the usual colour/blend you receive!
  • marieni84
    I have experienced this too. I have Jon Renau human hair topper in 12/30bt and love the color. When I tried the synthetic version in the same color, it was darker and not as highlighted, and I have had a hard time finding a comparable synthetic to match the 12/30bt in the human hair. It is very frustrating.
  • linda
    This is so true and very frustrating. I have Rene of Paris toppers and a wig in Coffee Latte. Granted Ive had them for a few years. Each has beautiful highlights and strategically located, and each one is very similar in color. fast forward and even with RP it has changed. Darker and less highlights, which are few and not located in the front as mine are.
    Im looking at the cameron and online the coffee latte looks very dark. And the description is different also.
    Can someone from Wigs.com give us an explanation and how to really compare the colors even with the same maker/ designer?
    For example, I want the RP Cameron, but when I look at the coffee latte it looks very dark.
    Im so appreciative of this blog. I find when I am pondering wig issues I can come here and learn that Im not the only one struggling with this.
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    So what happens is that depending on the style, the hair can be blended differently. Say one has wefting and one is hand-tied. The hairs will be attached to the cap in different ways. Another reason colors can vary is the length of the wig. So on a shorter style, the highlights may be found closer to the face, giving it a lighter appearance, while a longer wig can have the highlights further down the strands. Since we are an online company, sometimes confusion can happen with a color appearing different on-screen due to screen resolution, brightness etc. For this reason, we have made hassle-free returns a top priority (and soon we are actually optimizing even more! Yay!) If it is the exact same wig, same style, cap construction, color etc. The wig line may have made changes to their designs. (They may have had several complaints about one color, or decided to update looks, for example). So if a RW wig is suddenly a different color, that's a possible explanation. I would have to research this on a case by case basis to give an exact answer but I hope this helps!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    thanks for the input. Definitely helps. I think color is the hardest thing. Usually the style works -
  • linda
    It does. Thanks so much for your explanation and in a timely manner. Means alot.
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