• greenebo
    Good afternoon Wig lovers-

    Do all wig companies get their wigs from the same manufacturer??Are one companies wigs better than another? It seems like I have bought the same wig RW Upstage and it doesn't last anytime...Do wigs that are Heat Resistant not last as long as the ones that aren't? Help...I feel like I waste my money sometimes for a wig that does not last with proper care... JOYE TO THE WORLD..
  • Erzsike
    I have purchased the same wig from different "companies." They are all the same to me. I, too, am disappointed that my wig of choice does not last that long.
  • Klavisha
    Yes, the wigs come from the manufacturer, not the online wig seller who orders the wig for you. I have ordered the same wig from different companies, depending on who has a certain color or a sale, and the return address on the package is the manufacturer.
  • SuzieQ
    I agree with Klavisha. They are distributed through different companies. In regards to Heat resistant wigs; they do not last long, become frizzed especially at the ends, and tangle easily. The good thing about them are they tend to not be so shinny Barbie like hair (shinny seems more prevalent in blonde wigs) and feel more natural. My favorite non heat resistant wigs are Noriko. I love the fibers. I spray mine with dry shampoo to take the shine down. I wear those on a daily basis and my Jon Reneau and Raquel Welch on the wig weekends.
  • Malibu Marge
    Well known on-line sellers are all selling genuine brand wigs, but I’ve seen some on-liners with limited styles for cheap prices and they are knock-offs according to a friend who tried them.

    But I also have a question. How long is long? A well cared synthetic should last how long with daily use? HD?
  • greenebo
    Thank you all for you input...That is helpful and good info..
  • Bountyfullwigs
    Hello ladies,
    It All depends on the quality of the wig. A good quality lace wigs doesn't Need that much work. All you have to do Is to treat It like your own hair. By so doing, It can last years.
    For good and Affordarable wig Just dm me
    I've 360 lace frontal, 250% density(which Is a lot of hair) glueless human hair wigs.

    I'm at your disposal for any information
  • alicexm
    I have been wearing wigs only about 18 months. I have synthetic wigs I’ve been wearing for at least a year that I have “revived” with steam and am still wearing. I don’t have any HD wigs so can’t speak to their longevity.
  • Nikilet
    I purchased a Raquel Welch HD wig once, quite some time ago. I sent it back immediately. The hair felt and looked like my hair looks when I've let a shampoo go a day too long. You could see the comb marks in it. I love the other Raquel Welch wigs I've bought, but no more of the HD for me. Not until they get more improved. What I'm wondering about RW is sizing. I have five of the Tress wigs that all fit me fine, but I recently ordered an RW wig where the cap was too small. I hope they haven't changed their cap size because I definitely want to order more of the Tress wigs as mine wear out. Love that wig. Wish they would put a lace front on it, but even without, you can easily make it look very natural in front.

    I was complaining to my doctor once about my hair thinning. He went to reach for my head to check things out and I ducked and blurted out "This is a wig." He looked shocked. He said "That's one darned nice looking wig," and his nurse agreed. Just this year I had a Tress on when I went to the eye doctor. The assistant told me how nice my hair looked and I told her it was a wig. Literally, her mouth dropped open and she said, "I would never have guessed it."
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