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    Hi Everyone :)

    Darren here from the lovely Wigs.org team :smile: I hope you are all good!

    I'd love to hear everyone's comments and suggestions on how we can improve either of our websites for you.

    Would love to hear what you like or dislike, so I can feed your comments back to our wonderful team.

    We are always looking at ways to improve our service and offering and would sincerely welcome your feedback.

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  • linda
    I am frustrated with the lack of real color displays with descriptions of the colors. Deciphering the number codes or viewing the tiny little boxes that denote the colors, UGG! Color swatches are not enough to give a good clear understanding of the colors either. It takes a lot of time to compare colors from one wig make to the other. Generally speaking for me it results in numerous returns an exchanges. And I hate being dubbed a "serial" customer.
    Just sayi' there needs to be a better and more effective way to insure a win-win situation.
    PS, thanks for asking.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Show how the wigs look on OLDER models. I'm tired of perusing through various wig sites only to have wigs that are obviously geared toward the "mature" demographic modeled on women who are only familiar with wrinkles on clothing!
    While I'm at it......... it might be a game changer if you would group styles according to face shape. Or have a section geared toward the woman who is starting her journey with wigs.
    But yeah, I think what bothers me most is that the the largest grouping of women wearing wigs fall into the mature age group yet its young models all over the place..LOL!!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Hear Hear!!!!!!!! Actually - I would like to see 70 year olds in styles that can be worn at 70 but perhaps would not be thought of as a style for that person. Perhaps not just wrinkles but also a bit of sagging skin - so we can relate to how that wig will look on us.

    Regarding color - as we have had discussions the last few days - the color is always unpredictable. I am struggling with whether to order another wig in a color that looked great on one wig - and on the same wig a month later is a dull color that I hate. So, you can never really tell the blend until you get it - that is my conclusion.
  • animallover
    Thank you!
    ..........would love to see older wig models as well. Color is always a chore too.
    Thanks for asking!
  • Darren - Wigs.com Team
    Thank you everyone for your excellent feedback! :smile:

    I will be sure to pass this on to my team.

  • marieni84
    Allow a side by side comparison of wigs. The Wig Company does this on their website. Allow a search by weight or density, and by color.
  • marieni84
    What about a 360 degree view? There is a wig site that has a picture of the actual wig (not on a model), that does a 360 degree view where it turns around.
  • bfebara
    Have pictures of the wigs in outdoor light, so we can actually see the hair color we are getting.
  • Malibu Marge
    Love your very user friendly website! Regarding wigs for the mature woman, maybe you could have a filter that would bring up 10-15 of your most popular styles AND colors that your mature demographic is buying. Of course, your mfg’s Or distributors will have that info. Naturally, you’ll want to represent a variety it cap types and fiber types in that section.
  • Rainbow18
    It's the color for me too, when choosing a new wig. I've often wished you had a picture of the same model wearing every different color of that wig available. I think I'd be able to choose more easily that way. Thanks for asking for our input.
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