• Happy to ve Retired
    I just washed 2 of my heat defiant wigs. I soaked them in fabric softener (unscented) for about 15 minutes after the washed - gently rinsed - towel dried and put them outside to dry. They feel like new. So, I am wondering if I should be washing them more often - just the way I would wash my own hair frequently. I don't use much in the way of product on the wigs - but, the HD wigs tend to become more stiff between washings. I am sure that washing too frequently cuts the life of the wig - but curious as to what you do??
  • animallover
    I am probably in the minority but I wash my wigs about every 3 to 4 weeks. I want them to last. I do spray Simply Styling on them every 2 or 3 wears. My HD wigs do start to get stiff feeling at about the 3 1/2 weeks mark but not too bad. I probably have even gone longer between washings. I agree, the HD wigs sure do feel so soft and new after a washing. I can't believe how long they are holding up. No frizz at all. I love them.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    I'm even in more of the minority. I hardly ever wash my wigs. If I wash them every three months--that's a lot! But--I also have quite a large selection and I rotate my wigs.
    One thing I did learn, though, was to NOT soak wigs in fabric conditioner for longer than five minutes. I washed one of my Estetica Wren wigs and forgot that it was soaking in fabric conditioner . I was cooking, baking, procrastinating and a couple of hours later I realized my wig was in the upstairs bathroom sink. It dried horribly. The cap became stretched out and it was a mess. So I decided to re-wash it without any conditioner and it was just so awful I had to throw it out. It pained me but I learned a valuable lesson!
  • dc21
    I am surprised. I have walked off and went to bed leaving mine soaking and never ruined them.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    i am also surprised. I let mine soak in fabric softener for at least 20 minutes - then a quick rinse and dry outside on a stand. Mono top and lace front wigs fir tye most part.
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