• Jewelee
    Hi everyone! I'm brand new here and I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before. I didn't see it if it has.
    I just received the very first wigs I've ever purchased: Raquel Welch- Star Quality and Ellen Wille - Ocean. I have done hours of research, watched tons of you tube videos and have learned a lot on this website as well. Everything pointed to the two wigs I purchased, among others, as being lighter weight than most wigs which I wanted in order to look more natural and to keep cooler.
    I've been "playing dress up" here at home today,trying to get used to them. I'm going to return Ocean because the color is way too dark. The styles of both are quite beautiful. Star Quality has been on my head now for about two hours and I'm going crazy!. It's a bit constricting but I can work with that. What I'm NOT handling well at all is how hot it is.:fire: on my head! Keep in mind, it's mid February, cold and rainy outside and only about 70* inside my house. If I can't handle it now, how on earth am I going to function when It's 105* with 80% humidity next August?!
    I suffer from hot flashes and cannot take hormone replacement therapy because of the high risk of breast cancer on my mother's side. Those darn flashes come on fast and furious and wearing this wig just intensifies the uncomfortable sensation 10 fold! It took every ounce of self discipline for me not to snatch the wig off and hurl it like a frisbee across the room... seriously...
    I want to wear wigs; I NEED to wear wigs! Does anyone have any advice, tricks of the trade, miracles, ANYTHING at all you can toss my way? I'm feeling a little panicked.:groan
    Thanks, in advance, for any information you can give!
  • kdb
    Hi Jewelee, Your post is of interest to me because I too have hot flashes and wearing a wig only intensifies the heat. I live in a cool climate and am still uncomfortable in the summer. I dread SUMMER heat! A few things that I have found helpful is to use a product called Headliners which will help catch some of the sweat; I also put cooling powder (like Goldbond) on my scalp (I have no bio hair). I am also interested in hearing from others because this is my #1 problem with wearing a wig. I have found that all wigs are hot regardless of the claim that they are lightweight and cool. I wear RW, Infatuation and LOVE it.
  • Jnc
    There have been times where I have just ripped mine off because I was sweating so much. Drives me nuts too. I found if I just wet my head a bit it really helps. Of course you can't do that when in public. I've worn the headliners, but I don't like the extra bulk. They do help though. I wonder if you could get them a little wet and put the wig back on. I stand in front of fans alot too. Haha! I wish they could invent a light weight head cooler. That would be great. In the meantime, I'll just take the wig off, dry my head and then put a cool cloth on it for a minute and start again. Don't give up. Wigs are so worth the heat. :)
  • Klavisha
    Given that wearing a wig will make you feel hotter than not wearing a wig - they are hats, after all - I find that short styles are significantly cooler than longer styles. Getting the hair off my neck (where we hot flashy women sweat a lot!) makes a huge difference to me. I do have biohair (though it is short, baby fine, thin and has grown sparser following menopause), and have only worn 100% hand-tied cap wigs. Can anyone who has worn both those and wefted caps weigh in on which type is cooler? I only started wearing wigs most of the time this past autumn, but hot humid summer is coming! Meanwhile, I dress in layers which I can whip on and off even if I can't do that with my Alternative Hair, and keep the thermostat low.
  • Deborah
    I know exactly what you are going through..... I tried everything and eventually got a buzz cut .... I just couldn't deal with the heat. I now only wear a wig for special events.
  • Iluvmyhair
    I am in my mid fifties and post menopausal. I have found that open wefted, short wigs are coolest. The longer the hair against my neck, the hotter the wig. Though I love the comfort and movement of 100% hand tied wigs, I feel they are hotter than open wefted wigs. I also feel that a full monofilament top in comparison to a partial mono top is hotter. Bangs make me feel much hotter too so I opt for side swept bangs or off the face styling (you can do that with a good lace front wig!).

    If it's going to be a hot day and I can't get away with a ball cap, I will literally wash my hair, squeeze out the excess moisture in a towel and then put a wig on over my wet hair. This does not affect the wig and it keeps me cooler longer. I also avoid spending a lot of time outdoors with a wig on when it's super hot.

    Don't give up - keep trying, You will find what works best for you through trial and error and it will be well worth the effort!
  • MarthaG

    It's possible you're allergic to the sizing in the cap. If you think that might be the case, soak the wig in a largish basin with tepid water and a mild shampoo. This may or may not help, but can't hurt.

    Also, if your wig is synthetic, it's going to hold in the heat from your head, almost as though you were wearing a rubber bathing cap.

    Since you are having such an issue with heat, you may want to investigate human hair wigs with a full lace cap. There are quite a few vendors in Qindao, China. I've had wigs from qdhairbeauty.com and wigsroyal.com The full lace wig caps don't last as long as a synthetic might, but the prices are comparable. I use either Tensive Adhesive (removes with plain water-or sweat!) or spirit gum (removes with 91-99% alcohol or spirit gum remover) to adhere them to my head.

    You can even send them a picture of the style you want and they will do their best to match it. Bear in mind that since they obviously can't cut it on your head, it may need some tweaking.

    I'm waiting on one (should be here tomorrow, yay!) with a glueless cap, which is a little sturdier than the full lace. It has a french silk top, so can be parted anywhere, but they also offer monofilament top.
  • Jewelee
    Thanks so much for all the insight and tips. It's comforting to know I'm not alone. I particularly like the idea of wetting my head/hair before applying the wig and also the Headliner thingy.
    I may just have to reserve wearing wigs only in winter (even though I still boil over then too). Otherwise, I'll just keep doing ponytail hairpieces the rest of the time which I've done for years. I still have enough bio hair to pull it off for now as long as I can sprinkle my scalp with Toppik. (OMG! The lengths I go through to mask this problem! Pun intended!). As long as there is no wig on my head,Toppik is an absolute necessity for me everyday, just like brusing my teeth or getting dressed. But because I wear ponytails, braids, buns etc. made out of extensions, I need to keep my bio hair as long as possible so it blends in.. I'd love to hack it all off in light of my current hormonal overheating issues, but it would be so obvious then I'd be forced to wear it natural (NOT!) or wear a wig everyday.. Even though my bio pony tail is only about the diameter of a pencil, It effectively still covers whatever hair I've clipped in for the day. I'm just so bored with the same old styles.
    Unfortunately, shorter hair styles just don't suit me for some reason. I love an asymmetrical pixie cut or short bob any day of the week....just not on me.
    Some time ago, before choosing to embark on this wig journey, I talked to my doctor about curtailing these excessive menopausal sweats. She mentioned an antiperspirant she could prescribe that I could use on my head and forehead, or anywhere one sweats excessively. Since it contained high levels of aluminum, I declined. I read somewhere that the aluminum in antiperspirants might be linked to Alzheimer's Disease and so chose not to try it. Maybe I shouldn't write it off so quickly and do a little more research. If I think it's relatively safe, I'll could give it a try especially since I have the problem whether I'm wearing a wig or not.
    What I REALLY want to know now however, is Iluvmyhair...How, in God's green earth did you become post menopausal already in your mid fifties?!?! You lucky, lucky lady! I'm there now and am barely starting my sentence of living in the throes of the burning fires of Hell with no end in sight! Ha! Ha!

    Thanks again and any additional info is appreciated!
  • VocalEyes
    My gynecologist recommended vitamin E in morning and Evening Primrose at night (all natural supplements). I stopped having hot flashes almost immediately.
  • Taylor75
    Hi Jewelee, what helped me out the most with hot flashes was a sports cooling towel. They sell two different types. The one I like does not dry up and get hard. If you live in a humid climate, it may not work as well, but I am in California, and it is dry here and works great. The one I wear and can't live without it, is called Mission Hydro active Max cooling towel. I have several, and keep them in the refrig, damp. so when I put one on it is cool. The ones at walmart are ok but not the best ones in my opinion.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    hi - what wig are you wearing in your profile pic? Looks great.
  • Iluvmyhair
    It's Upstage by Raquel Welch in Pale Golden Honey. My first full wig and still a favorite. :)
  • Mimi
    Jewelee, My hot flashes are being treated with Paroxetine ER 12.5mg (paxal) This pill is a lifesaver for me. Taking hormone replacement is not good at my age. Yes, my wig does make my head very hot with the flashes, but I deal with that. It's the brite red face I get that is hard to deal with. When I'm at home I do go with out my wig. I sometimes wear a scarf, but I have a wig handy or a towel to wrap around my head if someone comes to the door. So right now the flashes are not a problem -
  • bellahairnyc
    wow, maybe bellahairnyc is an option, ops, not advertising lol
  • Lady with Hair
    Hello All, I’ve experienced hot flashes for over 30 years now, and after losing most of my hair from chemo meds, stress and age, I buzzed my hair and began wearing wigs. We all experience our own very personal journey, but the one “silver lining” to wearing wigs is that when that heat surge comes on full boat, none of my “hair” sticks to my face!! Look in the mirror and “Yes!”, my hair still looks great! Have learned to breathe through them. Mine only last about 3 minutes every hour. I’ll take it, I have found that opened weft caps are cooler and lower density, even long hair can be clipped up when doing yard work or swimming,etc. Best to all you beauties!
  • A7X
    Over 30 years? I'm gonna cry....
    I'm 56, only been menopausal for 3 years now. I've always been an "I'm cold" person, so my "power surges" (as I like to call them) haven't been so bad. This coming summer will be my first wearing a wig, so I'm interested to see what will happen.
  • Sari S
    What are selling exactly? Didn't know you can advertise your business here.
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