• Somarie
    Hi Everyone! This is my first post! I’ve been wearing wiglets for over 3 years now and still feel somewhat self conscious. One of the main issues is the “high” level of shine. But I decided to do synthetic and not sure what other good choices are out there other than spending a ton of money. Also, more times than not, the end of the piece shows no matter how I try to style it. I don’t want to give up!! Another big issue for me, I have a small head. Has anyone tried a child’s hairpiece and did it make a difference?? I know , more questions than I planned on asking! Thank you and so glad I found this site!
  • mcvoice
    I can't answer all your questions but I'll try about the first one with regard to shine. There are a few simple, tried and true suggestions that many have used successfully. One is dry shampoo - you can spray your synthetic wig with dry shampoo - and now they make them to compliment the color such as blondes and browns. This will bring down the shine. If it's a lite color wig you can use Talc powder or if it's a shorter wig you can even use the puff from your powered and coat the fibers with the puff. I've seen other suggestions for making a COLD water bath with some baking soda and that will take down the shine. There's a lovely lady named Taz (you can find her on youtube under Tazswigcloset) and she just did a video about this very issue and how to (easily) solve it.
  • Somarie
    Great ideas! Thanks so much. I’ll take a look at the YouTube video!
  • MarthaG

    You might want to consider a human hair top closure. They come in many colors and hair textures. I'm not sure how they attach, because I wear full wigs, so may not be what you want.

    There are quite a few different cap styles too
  • Somarie
    Thank you MarthaG. I always feel like it’s hit or miss with blending of my hair to top of my hair piece. My stylist is terrific but there are time the color just doesn’t match well enough, therefore, making me feel conscious. I just might go for a full wig but I get a bit jittery! I’ve never heard of a Human hair top closure, but will certainly look into it.
    This blog is awesome and I finally feel like I can speak out. All of you are so empowering.
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