• Camomilla

    I have an Arrow by Ellen Wille and I love it. The only thing that I dislike is the lace front, or more specific, the dark knots. The colour is Sand multi rooted.

    Do you have any experience of that colour and if so, do you know if it could be the same for alla Arrow in that colour or maybe it varies?

    I know have wigs from 3 different manufacturers and every wig has unfortunately something I fond a bit annoying. For exemple, I love the Ellen Wille fibers but not the knots. And the cap is a bit too small.

    The best lace front I think Estetica does.
  • Ann S
    That problem really makes me mad! Can't they figure out how to bleach some of the knots near the lace?! Drives me nuts. That's why I like a long bang to cover them.
    Some video's on You Tube shows how to put foundation on the underlace. That works pretty well. Or using face powder carefully on the knots. Good luck.
  • Camomilla
    Thanks for your answer Ann! I totally agree. They should learn and improve.
  • GreyingGracefully
    I just recieved an Ellen Willie wig today, the Spring Hi in Mixed Salt & Pepper. It is the 1st wig that I have ordered that I really like and think I am actually going to venture out in. I have never worn a wig in my life (65 years old). I originally decided to get a wig for very practical reasons, such as convenience, tired of blow drying, bad weather, etc. So I wasn't planning to wear it every day, just when needed.
    I have short medium brown hair that is starting to show silver/grey on my temples and bangs with a little scattered throughout. I wanted a wig that would be the style, or close to it, that I wear with the color not too different. I have been having mixed feelings about everyone knowing that I am wearing a wig.
    But this wig looks so good on me and after reading some of the comments on this forum, I am thinking I need to not be so concerned whether people know I am wearing a wig or not. I get complimented on my natural hair all the time. I know I will get a lot of positive feedback with this wig because it is beautiful.
    I originally got it for practical reasons, but I like it so much that I'm now thinking of getting a couple more wigs, slightly different style, same color, just to wear for fun.
  • Jayne
    I have put concealer under the knots and then a vanilla/tan eyeshadow on top. It helps a lot. I have no problems with Rachel Welch knots b/c knots are tiny and usually lighter at the hairline. The problem is when knots are large AND darker. I don't think we can bleach synthetic knots...only Human Hair, and then with caution. Let us know what solution you find! :smile:
  • SuzieQ
    I agree Raquel Welch has the best lace front in wigs. I wish Raquel Welch had more choices in blonde colors like Jon Reneau.
  • Lynnaka
    I had the same issues. So now I just order mono tops without a lace front. That way I incorporate my bangs in with the front of my hair.
  • linda
    I have a similar issue with lace front wigs. In addition, the lace irritates my skin. So I just stick with the mono top, or the regular/basic cap. Both look natural and feel great on.

    Lynnaka, your hair looks wonderful and very natural. Is it a topper or full wig.
    Thanks for your comments.
  • polkadot222
    Definitely concealer under the knots. It will bleed through and that's what you want. (Tan eyeshadow on top is a really good idea Jayne.) For people who don't wear blond or pale red or pale grey, Estetica and Raquel Welch make the best lace fronts. If you are going with a wig with highlights that are lighter than the rest of the wig, these companies put the highlights in the front which really helps to make knots less obvious. Jon Renau's lace fronts are not good for making knots less obvious unless you are buying a very light color. Ellen Wille's aren't bad but Estetica and Raquel Welch are my number one LF choice.
  • Klavisha
    Your natural hair probably looks a lot like mine - medium brown just starting to go grey. If you want a color that might closely match yours, take a look at Jon Renau's color Milkshake (#38), which is a medium brown with 35% grey evenly mixed throughout. From a distance it gives the impression of a nice ashy brown. Jon Renau uses this color mostly in its shorter styles, but does offer a few longer wigs in this color.
  • GreyingGracefully
    Thank you for your response.
    I sent for a #38 color wig awhile back, but it actually was too light for me, so I sent it back. The Spring Hi in Salt Pepper Mix is the closest I have found to my own color. It has more silver grey than I have, but the brown matches well. The wigs I have sent for in the past of light/med. brown have had too much blond or red highlights in them for me. My brown is like a "steel" colored brown. I don't know how else to describe it. This has made it a little difficult for me shopping for that perfect wig. I'm glad that I found the Spring Hi in Salt Pepper Mix.
  • Jayne
    yes, me too! Renau adding those California Blondes was a big help in his line. Light blonde choices are kind of scarce. I also wished we could get every style in a brand in every color in that brand! :up:
  • Jayne
    I agree that nearly all wig light browns are way too reddish! Many women with natural bowns are quite ash with no red visible. Have you tried a dark blonde base or root? They tend to be quite dark for blonde and don't have that auburn/reddish cast. This wig stuff takes a while to get just right. :joke:
  • Sunset
    I hate the dark rooting also around the lace front. It looks very unnatural.
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