• Mona
    My hair is very thin. I wear wigs all the time and all my friends think it is my hair. I get compliments all the time. I have been wearing beautiful blonde wigs for years. My hair is black naturally and too thin to style, etc. I wear some turbans at home at night, etc. But, what can I wear that looks good if I had to go to hospital for tests? Or if overnight with friends? Any suggestions?
  • PennyC
    I've done a bunch of tests, and since none of them involved my head, I wore wigs. Can't advise you on the other -- I'm "out" with everyone I know, and I don't worry about someone seeing my pitiful head.
  • Misty
    Hi Mona I have very little hair due to Hashimotos and other health issues. My wig is my hair. I have had several operations and stays in hospital, wearing my wig each time, and no problems at all. I do not have any metal clips in my wigs (no use, as too little of my own hair). That would be the only concern I would think.
    What gave me away in hospital was my lovely nurse who called me out saying my JR Zara looked too good after major surgery and 3 days in bed! I have also worn my wigs with Xrays, CT Scans and MRI's, again no metal clips. Hope this is of help to you xx
  • marieni84
    I just had a overnight stay after surgery, and as long as you don't have metal clips, you can wear your wig into surgery. Depending on comfort though, a scarf or turban or soft beanie might be more comfortable.
  • BeatA
    wig by day scarf turban by night. I want it be comfortable at night, i don’t care what they think in the hospital. They wouldn’t say anything hurtful, if anything they will give you compliments on how natural the wig looks and that they would have never guessed.
    Don’t worry about it too much, you need to be comfortable most of all. If you don’t mind sleeping with the wig on ( I don’t like doing that) then leave it on. Do what feels right.
  • Debbie
    Misty, how do you secure your wig? Anyone??
  • PennyC
    When I wear a wig, I am constantly aware of it. Like shoes and bra, it comes off when I get home. The last thing I'd want to wear during or after surgery! I know I don't look "pretty" without hair, but I want to be as comfortable as possible at those times. I have breast reconstruction surgery coming up, and I'll bring a scarf or headwrap with me, but nurses have seen a lot worse than bald spots on a woman's head.
  • Deborah
    I got braids done and then used weave thread to tack my wig down .... I was in the hospital for a week. Worked perfectly.
  • Jnc
    I use Got 2 B Ultra gel. It's great! There is also body adhesive you can use, but that sticks a little too good, especially if you have any hair. I had to go to the emergency room a few months ago, and I really didn't care what I looked like, but I just wore a cloth hat I have the whole time I was there. I would probably take that hat if I were staying overnight. I put it on at home after I take my wig off - mainly because it's been so cold. :)
  • Debbie
    thanks Jnc, all info is so helpful
  • Misty
    Hi Debbie, my wig cap fits my head pretty well, I wear Jon Renau, however I do sew a piece of a silicone sheet (which you can buy at wigs.com) on the nape area, which stops the wig creeping up the back of my neck. . I am highly allergic to any glues or tapes.
  • Debbie
    Thanks Misty
  • VocalEyes
    Ij literally just got out of the hospital yesterday. I went in for a cardiac surgery and was wearing my wig when I got there. I just took the wig off and put the OR cap on and didn't say a word. There were complications so I had to stay in a few days. When they moved me to a room, I switched to a scarf. The nurses didn't see my head at all. The next day I decided to wear my wig. The nurse came in to see if I was feeling ok on the medication and asked if i was having any side effects., I told her the only side effect was that my hair suddenly grew back. We had a chuckle. After that, I switched back and forth between wigs and scarfs or hats. No one even batted an eyelash. I figured they have seen every dynamic in their patients that it didn't matter to them. A couple times, I just said I'm wearing a wig because the tests they had to do could have made it slip. I thinks it's better if you just tell them up front rather than be embarrassed if it slips or comes off. Even if you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable you need to exude confidence and a "no big deal" attitude.
  • Ann S
    HAIR TAPE. I've been in the hospital a few times and for surgery, and I tape the front lace and it stays just fine! The OR cap can go on right over the wig. I did anesthesia for years and I always carefully put on the cap over wigs. They did sometimes shift cause they weren't secured at the front. That is why I say USE a wig or toupee double-sided tape. You should be good for days!
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I am curious - it is one thing to just "be in the hospital" and another to be in surgery. Is sanitation an issue? After all - it is a synthetic that is on your head and it could carry things that "regular washed hair" might not. Does the OR cap cover that issue?

    Just wondering.
  • Misty
    Hi Happy to ve Retired, the first time I had surgery I asked the nurse on our private interview on admittance. She was surprised I was wearing a wig, it was JR lace front. Her words to me, I didn't pick it was a wig, dont worry the cap will cover it all. Not an issue. Same as most people I would think, I washed my "hair" prior to admittance for the surgery. :hearts:
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