• kmurph22
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum but have been wearing wigs for about 2years.

    My profile photo is wearing Elite by Ellen Wille in Ginger Rooted; Now I wear Rae by Rene of Paris in Melted Sunset - having fun with 'curls' for the first time in my life, I always had stick-straight hair! Photo below. (its from an instagram with that sparkly confetti stuff, sorry ;)).

    Anyway, I have severe alopecia areata that is working its way toward alopecia universals - My scalp is totally bald except for one little weird patch; I have lost my eyelashes and about 75% of my eyebrows at this point. I've been using makeup (Tattoo line by L'Oreal) - but as the eyebrows get thinner, it's looking more and more like makeup. Has anyone else tried actual tattoos, or other solutions for the eybrows? Honestly the eyebrow thing depresses me more than the hair loss, which is easily covered.

    And can someone share their exerience with fake eyelashes? I've honestly never been much of a makeup girl, I keep it very light, so I'm afraid they would annoy me/ look way too awkward and fake. Does anyone have any recommendations of fairly light fake eyelashes? (my actual eyelashes weren't that impressive when I had them, lol).

    Thanks in advance for your help! I have enjoyed reading your stories and wish love & support to my fellow wig wearers.

    Anyway, here's me in Rae which I just love and recommend for anyone into above-the-shoulder bobs.

  • Laura
    Hi! I also have alopecia areata. I've had my eyebrows tattooed twice. I'd like to try the micro tattoo next but one brow has faded a lot more than the other so I don't know how that will work out. I used to wear false eyelashes, but it added too much time to my morning routine. Every so often I'll try them on and then think I look weird - I'm so used to not having them.
  • Samantha
    Hi and welcome! I, too have universalis, and am most annoyed by the lack of eyebrows. I had them tattooed twenty five years ago, but they faded almost immediately and I haven’t had anything done since. I have considered blading, but am too nervous to commit. I draw them on daily. As for lashes, I’ve not even remotely mastered that technique and don’t really have the patience for it, though I’ve heard with some practice it becomes easy. Maybe eventually I will dedicate more time to that. Again, for now I use makeup.

    Sorry I have no advice, but wanted to extend a welcome and also add that your photo is quite lovely. Your hairstyle and color suit you very well. Have a great day!
  • linda
    I have permanent eye make-up, some refer to it as tattooing, but really isn't. My eyelashes are non-existent, so the eyes are lined too. I had the procedure done 5 years ago. Looks like a touch up is in my near future. SPF helps with fading.
    I highly recommend it, but do your research. You want a licensed professional. Please do your research, which should include recommendations from your hairdresser and dermatologist.
  • BeatA
    Hi my Areata also went to totalis and the universalis. I had eyebrow tattoos and then microblading. It does fade and needs to be redone regularly. About every 18 months give or take. It’s not cheap if you go to a licensed professional who is good ( which I would recommend). Once you have it done, you can stretch the intervals in between by using an eyebrow pencil or other make up device and you will know exactly where to apply it, which will make it very quick in the morning.
    Eyelashes are too difficult for me I lack the patience to try and get them on. I had them tattooed once it hurt like a mother and I did not want to have that redone, but now I just draw over that with a pencil or other make up pen or whatever I want to try out.
    For some weird reason my eyelashes are back at the moment, but I am expecting them to fall out again at any random time... I don’t have any other body hair ( well some nose hair and some mustache peach fuss yeah that happened what a pain!). It’s a very strange condition that alopecia.... but after well over 20 years of wearing wigs, I like how easy it is to get ready in the morning. The glass is definitely half full!
  • Gretabern
    Hi. I too have alopecia totally all over. I’m used to it too. Am now after five years of different brands I’m in love with Amore wigs. They have great quality
    I have lost my eyebrows and bangs deal with that problem. My eyelashes fell out but just like BeatA they came back a few months ago. It’s weird but I’m thankful. And I also have nose hairs and peach fuzz on my upper lip.
    The picture is me sitting in the front with my grand daughter. The wig is Amore Tatum copper glaze. My hairdresser cut off an inch or so. What do you all think? bosaqrpfa7e15d2s.jpeg
  • Linsils1951
    Wow I thot I was alone with this . I’m 67 and hardly anyone has ever noticed.... I learned very young how to camaflauge this...this is so embarrassing.. it’s destroyed my self esteem. It’s a curse ... I constantly wonder why me??? I love make up and thankful for it,, but I always feel fake.. I really can’t say much here because I’m still very self conscious of this.. how do anyone here deal???
  • animallover
    I think you look fabulous as does your beautiful family!
    I don't have this type of alopecia but reading all these posts amazes me how strong and positive the ones who have it are. I am willing to bet that you are much stronger than you think you are.....and getting stronger every day. I admire you all! :heart:
  • Linsils1951
    GretaBurn .... I found these wig eyebrows on headcovers.com . Also Itsy.com . (Less exspensive) I was amazingly surprised at how well the stay on.
  • Rainbow18
    I have alopecia universalis...except strangely, my eyelashes have grown back. Very short, very light so you can't even see them. I have no eyebrows. I won't have the eyebrows tattooed on...never have liked the way they look on others. And wouldn't consider anyone coming that close to my eyelids to do permanent eyeliner...I'm chicken!
    In addition, I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hand isn't as steady as it used to be, so I no longer put eyeliner on my top eyelid. I do still put it on my bottom eyelid. And as far as the eyebrows go, here's my routine:

    Wash my face, put on my moisturizer, then on top of that I put on Blue Lizard sunscreen, directly onto the eyebrow area. It has zinc in it and the makeup tends to stick to it better when using this.

    Then I use a brow brush and brow powder to draw the brows on, next is a brow pencil (by Avon), and last is a waterproof brow tint by Revlon. Voila!

    I know it sounds like a lot, but really, I can do this in a few minutes and the brows stay on all day.
  • Cathyk
    se are great eyebrows but pricey! And you need some eyebrow shadow to help blend the into your skin. GhostBond works great with them. I’m wearing them in my profile picture!
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