• SarahAnne
    I'm not really sure what to label this. My head is large and all of the stockings I put on before my wig (Cameron Large by Jon Renau in 8RH14) slowly creep towards the back of my head until it feels like they'll pop off. I've looked several places online and several wigs websites but I haven't had any success. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • alicexm
    I don’t wear a wig cap for the same reason and I have a smaller head. For a while I didn’t wear anything under my wig, then discovered Milano wig grip bands and caps. They’re adjustable with Velcro and by design don’t slip as they’re velveteen. A little pricey at ~$35 on Amazon, but well worth it as they keep my wig from slipping.
  • Deborah
    This might sound weird but when I have a lot of hair on my head I get a small pantyhose cut the legs off and stitch it shut. Works every time.
  • PennyC
    I have a largish head with a flat occipital area, and my wigs always felt as though they were riding up in back. The WigGrip has worked really well for me. It doesn't move on my head, and the wig adheres to it perfectly. My short wig is fully an inch longer in the back with the Grip on!
  • Jnc
    I have a big head. I have the Wig Grip and I hate it. For one, it makes my wig so tight, and it rides up in the back and the front. I would rather just pull my wig down every once in awhile. Much more comfortable. I the ultra gel for the front. If I had no hair in the back like the front, I would try to use that there too.
  • PennyC
    Jnc, I totally understand. It does make a snug wig tighter! I've actually gone in and enlarged a few of my wigs (not hard if you have a few sewing skills) because a tight wig is agony. This allows me to fasten the grip looser. It still holds the wig in place. But I know quite a few people hate it.
  • Klavisha
    My wigs ride up in the back too; even a wig grip will start to creep up after a while. I do have biohair but I can use It Stays adhesive both at my hairline and at my nape, which helps hold my wig in place. It's a little messy in my hair, but I just use a wet washcloth to swab my hair clean after removing my wig.
  • Nikilet
    I am new to these wig bands, but I purchased one on Amazon called Beaugee Wig Grip Headband. It was 18.99, but it had much better reviews than the Milano, 4.3 as compared to 3.9. There is another than had better reviews and was only 11.99, called GEX Beauty Flexible Velvet Wig Grip.
  • alicexm
    I’ll have to check those out next time I need a new one. Thanks.
  • Melody
    Jill Lynn Beauty made an awesome video about this subject. I wear a wig grip by Milano, but don't really like it because it feels so tight. It even creeps up in the back. I am going to try Jill's suggestions today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Erzd8W7FczQ
  • Jayne
    Milano is 21 inches. I bought GEX wig grips that are 22 inches long (only black or tan). My head is 22 inches and though pretty comfortable, I used a seam ripper to carefully remove 4 inches of soft velcro (leaving 2 inches). It gave 4 inches of extra stretch! Now it phenomenal! So comfy!
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