• Rosebud51
    I'm 67 yrs old. I was a hairdresser many years ago. I had great thick black hair, always had to have my hair perfect. When I turned 40 started to have problems with my hair, found out that I had hypothyroidism. From then on I've had problems, thinning out, brittle. Now I'm to the point that it is overwhelming. I've bought a couple of wigs. First I'm trying dark brown instead of black, black looks harsh on me now. I need wispy bands I'd like something about chin length or a bit shorter.. Most important I want to be able to put it on and go, not have to fuss with it too much. Any ideas. Thanks
  • Sari S
    Hi Rosebud, I started wearing wigs summer 2018 and went with my usual hair style when I had hair, chin to shoulder length bobs but decided to go shorter for summer and found Charlotte by TressAllure. Open cap shag chin length. It doesn't have mono top of my other wigs but found it very easy to wear and maintain. I also suffer from hair loss from thyroid disease but it became very severe about a year ago. I'm wearing it in my bio pic. I purchased from another site in cocoa bean, a rich brown shade close to my natural number 2/4. Hope this helps. I finally enjoy trying new styles and not sticking with my usual bobs.
  • linda
    Rosebud, you have come to the right place. I was a hairdresser for may years also. And I have hypothyroidism. So that along with cancer and the treatment have caused a lot of hair loss.
    My hairdresser turned me on to toppers nearly 10 years ago. However, I just started wearing wigs this year. I love the Cameron by Rene of Paris. I too have very dark hair, but little by little I am going lighter. Coffee Latte is my choice now. It is lighter and has highlights. Love it. These are not our mothers wigs!!! Most are very lightweight,the colors are beautiful and most importantly comfortable.
    Good luck.
  • Jayne
    Rosebud, my mom was a master cosmetologist & I not only grew up loving the smell of perms and hairspray, but was a hair model sometimes for contests or product seminars! Now I am wearing wigs. Go figure, lol. I wanted *wispy/shake & go,* but just found shorter isn't always a guarantee. I bought Welch's "Editors Pick" & trimmed 1" off the front & stacked the back. Easy on & go! Also bought Robin by Noriko & cut a chin length bob like my bio style! Happy! Keep us posted!
  • WinifredDubre
    My grandma has a baldness issue since childhood. Maybe she applied a toxic thing at her hairs.

    I am also new at this site.
  • goldcapp
    I have acquired quite a few wigs over the years and started out with straight-hair chin length bobs. However, I found some of the wavy-style wigs more feminine and natural looking. My favorite is "Soft and Subtle" by Eva Gabor.
  • Larry
    Hi Rosebud and welcome to the forum.

    Now may not be the time, but I hope you'll discover the fun that wigs provide as you try different colors and styles.

    God bless,

  • sillysonjia
    Hi Rosebud, welcome to the forum! I'm 61 and have been wearing wigs and toppers for about a year or so. They really are liberating... you can go from having a really bad hair day to looking pretty almost instantly. I wear a dark chocolate brown color on most of mine. I've tried Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Noriko, Paula Young, and Uniwigs. My best advice is to measure your head and make sure you get a good fit, AND watch youtube videos. There are so many reviews out there and you can see what wigs look like on real people. Find someone who has your face shape and texture of your bio hair. Good Luck!!!
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