• Jewelee
    Dear Friends... Those are happy tears rolling down my cheeks! After ordering, trying on and sending back a bazillion different wigs these past few months, I was ready to give up. I found this site a few weeks ago, studied it like an obsessed crazy person and took the plunge one last time.
    I've finally found "The One"! It's Affair by Ellen Wille in Light Bernstein, Rooted. It's very well made, light density with almost no perma-tease! (Yay!) It looks completely natural, fits comfortably and I'm happy as a kid in a toy store! I can't get over the difference between Affair and some of the other monstrosities that I've tried on since this journey began. No amount of thinning, steaming, youtube videos or temper tantrums would EVER make those things NOT look like Dolly Parton in the 1970's. (No offense, Dolly.. but your wigs back then were scary!) Nope! Affair is a masterpiece in "natural". It's almost unbelievable.
    My only teeny, tiny criticism is about color choices. It only comes in nine.. Five of those are all blondes and the other four are various shades of brown. I've been a bottle red head since before the dinosaurs and the only color that even had a hint of red was "Hot Chocolate Mix" but it was far too dark of a brown for my skin tone. It supposedly had auburn highlights but, God help me, I didn't see them.
    I decided to go with a color similar to what I think I remember having before turning red. I'm still adjusting to my new, old color but change can be a good thing and this gorgeous wig has given
    me my confidence back.
    Thanks for everyone's contributions to this page. It's very educational!
  • linda
    It looks great. A truly natural look.
    Thanks for sharing.
  • A7X
    Wow! It really looks amazing! I wouldn't know that wasn't your hair. Good choice!
  • Samantha
  • Debbie
    That is so natural on you, beautiful
  • Erzsike
    You look lovely! So happy for you!!!
  • Karenber
    Looks so beautiful and natural on you!!!!
  • Lori
    Looks great! I hear you. It’s quite a journey, this wearing wigs business. But soon you will feel so confident. It definitely changed my life for the better. Thank goodness there are such nice choices of them nowadays. Not like the obviously fake wigs of yesteryear.
  • greenebo
    Great look....
  • Larry
    I think you look lovely.
  • Jayne
    Very, VERY natural! Color looks great. Gives me hope I too will find the ONE.
  • JeannetteB
    Wow, I’m really impressed! Sooo natural looking and beautiful color. I’m going to go have a look at it right now, thank you for sharing
  • Jewelee
    Aww... thank you all for such positive feedback! Sorry...i I took so long to respond. I just received a new favorite on Friday. Darn, that Ellen Wille is amazing. This "Load", *(weird name) in Red Hot Chili Rooted is unfortunately, being discontinued. Good news: Got it at a great price and in my beloved red! Yay!. Bad news: wont be able to buy replacements in the future. At first I thought, I can't wear blonde one day and red the next. But then... why not? I'm semi retired, work from home so no work place busy bodies and drama mamas to deal with. Ugh! Idle gossip... yuck!

    Anyway, you guys are the best. Thank you all again for the uplifting comments!
  • Dolly
    You look wonderful! Now that you've found something that works for you, you might try other wigs that are similar - and you may find a red color yet, although I think this color looks very natural and pretty!
  • Jewelee
    Thanks Dolly! I'm still lookin' for my red!
  • Sunset
    Looks great.
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