• Nikilet
    I waited over 2 months for this wig. I was so disappointed. Not only was the color nothing like what was represented on wigs.com (a discussion for a different place), but the quality of the wig was not impressive. I guess the lace front was ok, but on the top the hair would split and you could see these perfect rows of stitching. I sent it back.
  • PennyC
    Some Esteticas are great, and some not so great. I've had a few. My most recent Jamison has surprised me with its comfort and ease of wearing. But the brand seems to fall down once you get into the curlies -- my Aspen is a tangled mess and my Brooklyn is so dense I can't wear it.
    i actually tried on a Finn in a store and while very cute, I am sure it would also tangle like crazy. You're disappointed now, but you are most likely better off for not keeping it.
  • wiggywoman
    I wore the Raquel Welch ' Power' for years and absolutely LOVED it. The texture was perfect, the cut was right on. Then it changed - not the same texture, the cut was somewhat different and like you, the hair on top was so thin I could see the cap stitching. Also, the color was not the same as before. What a shame!!! Wish she would bring back the original POWER. Its not right that when you order a wig online, because where can you go to try it on? And then have to send it back, that you are charged a re-stocking fee.
  • kejelj
    Nikilet, are you sure you got a genuine one? I (ashamedly) ordered one from those Instagram - Facebook - Twitter ads and it was a horrible FAKE. I ordered medium brown and got pale blonde! I complained to Paypal but would have had to send it back at my own expense (to China) to the tune of $30+! Hard lesson learned there - if it sounds too good to be true.....
  • Nikilet
    I ordered it from wigs.com.
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