• Nikilet
    Has anyone else noticed that the color representation on wigs.com is very, very poor? I recently have $60 into shipping charges due to returning wigs that were not even close to the color I thought they would be. Then, as a test, I looked up the same wig through other vendors and compared the color charts and it was amazing. I found a number of color charts that showed more realistic representations, including Cyster Wigs, Paula Young, ACE Wigs, Name Brand Wigs. I think the next time I order a wig from wigs.com I will go to other wig sites to choose my color. I realize that there will be some variance with computer monitors, but this goes way beyond that in my opinion. I'll be anxious and hopeful to see how that works out. However, I would think if other sites can provide decent color chart representations, wigs.com should be able to.

    BTW, I have tried ordering the color rings and I think that is a lot of monkey business for not much help. The little strands of hair they provide for the samples are not enough to give you any real idea of what a whole head of that color will be like.
  • PennyC
    You can Google the color you're interested in, and that will give you still photos, videos, even reviews. I do this before ordering any color or even any wig.
  • Junie
    Hello everyone

    I have just returned Miss Machiato, by Belle Tress in Honey with Chai Latte. I was really looking forward to getting this wig, did lots of online research to, and I wasn’t so disappointed when it arrived. The colour was very blonde, with little blending to make it look more natural, not much rooting either, and It’s so shiny! Totally flat, with no permateze at all. They do this strange part which looks like a zigzag, never seen that before. It’s a cheap looking, and made, wig to be honest. When I put it on, I couldn’t stop laughing, and my husband stood looking at me aghast! He said, and I quote “What on earth is that!”, trying not to laugh along with me. I think I looked like an aged Hollywood actress, with the blonde locks, yes I know you can see the image I presented. Anyway ladies I am now back to my usual Heat by Jon Renau, it never lets me down, this must be my fifth one to date.

    Happy successful wig buying ladies, you never know what you are really going to get.
  • Junie
    Sorry there was a typo. That should read - I was so disappointed when it arrived.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    hi - i also wear heat by jr as well as naomi by jr. I style both with bangs and lately have had a strong preference for wearing naomi.

    Many wigs come with the zig zag part. Trick is - if you change the part it may not be eligible to return. Many of the raquel welsh wigs are like that - the zig zag. It is gard to know what the wig will liok like without moving the part. Catch 22.

    Color is the hardest thing to get right. Curious what color jr you wear. I am changing from shaded mocha to 12fs8. Just needed a cgange.
  • Junie
    I wear 12fs8, I really like the colour, I also wear mine with bangs like you. My only complaint is that I wish JR rooted wigs weren’t so dark at the hairline, I have heard others say the same think on YouTube, and RW rooted wigs are too light at the hair line. We need somewhere in between. Hope you like the 12fs8 shade. I haven’t tried Naomi yet, can you let me know what you find different from Heat and Naomi? I am interested to know.
  • Darren - Wigs.com Team
    Hi Nikilet, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience choosing colors on Wigs.com.

    Could you let me know which style and color you are referring to please so I can get it fixed.

  • Nikilet
    I sent an email and even included screenshots.
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