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    Gracie from Wigs.com, here!!!

    Okay everyone, I did it... I finally bought my first wig! And I'm so happy I did. You see, I've had my eyes on this baby for a while (since the first week I starting working here, actually) and finally decided to give it a go. As a beautician and lover of just about all styles and colors, I've tried almost every cut and style possible on my natural hair (at the cost of my hair natural hair health, of course...sad face.)

    One of my favorite styles has always been the bob, and favorite color? You guessed it! Pastel pink. So when I came across Peachy Keen on our site it was a match made in wig heaven. And the most tempting part? No commitment to a short cut (too many bad haircuts has left me terrified of getting them, so my natural hair stays long these days)

    One of my favorite things about this style is the edge it has. With a dark root that transitions into the lightest pink possible, you get this super cool contrast that makes it versatile to wear with your favorite combat boots and Fall Out Boy t-shirt or floral Sunday dress. So yes, it's safe to say this is my new go-to. Here are some other features that make it that much more awesome:

    • Heat-friendly synthetic hair so you can curl or style it to go with your overall look.
    • Open-weft cap so it stay cool while you wear it.
    • Adjusters so it fits just right and doesn't slide around.
    • Open ear tabs to adjust and properly place the wig, without tugging and stretching the wig perimeters.

    Here's how it looks curly with some adorable fun-buns:


    I just can't take the cuteness in that style. I can't wait to style mine like this the next time I wear it out! Notice how the bangs are customized to touch the model's eyebrows in just the right place. You can always take a wig to your stylist to help personalize it to suit your face shape, and if they are anything like me they will be happy to have the chance to trim a wig! Such a fun change to cutting natural hair all day.

    Does anyone love Peachy Keen?! Let's talk!
  • Candy D
    Looks awesome on you! :starstruck:
  • gr8hnd
    You’re so young and just lovely. I’m old enough to be your grandmother but I enjoy seeing how younger generations make today’s fashions work. The camera obviously loves you and Peachy Keen looks perfect. Thanks for the nice review.
  • linda
    Hi Gracie, it lovely and you are adorable. What is the brand/maker of this piece??
  • A7X
    That wig is super cute on you - I love it!
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    That's kind of you! Working at Wigs.com has finally turned me into a wig wearer and now I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner!
    Thank you! This is Peachy Keen by hairdo Thank you!

    We appreciate everyone that makes the forum a fun place to talk wigs and help each other learn and become experts on alternative hair! Wigs.com loves you all!
  • MissMommie
    I love Peachy Keen!! It looks super cute on you!! Here’s my photo! p3er74v3cmhiuxnw.jpeg
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    It looks like it was made for you! I love it!!!
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