• Lolly
    Ok, I sold a few used wigs on another site. Sweet lady, I had shampooed and conditioned them. Anyways she was thrilled and told me she had found a method for rejuvenating synthetic fiber wigs on YouTube which involved throwing them into bleach water and combing it, shampooing then putting them into ammonia bath with hot water also combing them while in water.

    I’m like huh? Why? Seems totally contraindicated per manufacturers instructions but beyond that the why of it baffles me. Why would bleach or ammonia have a scientific reason for working on these synthetic fibers? Does anyone know? Has anyone actually used this ?

  • Happy to ve Retired
    I would only try that on a wig so worn out that it should be thrown out anyway. Sounds like it could really damage the hair.
  • dc21
    I have never made that much effort to revive a synthetic wig. However, I have used ammonia in place of fabric softener in a soak to remove product buildup. I have also used vinegar in place of fabric softener at times to soften. It doesn't hurt it. I never comb through them when wet, I wait for them to dry. I detangle before I wash. Everyone has their own methods.
  • Jayne
    No! Ammonia and bleach can be a deadly combination!
    I always pour a capfull of chlorine bleach in a bathroom sink of cool water, dip my wig in it until saturated, rinse. Then shampoo and rinse well again. The reason? In case the person packing/handling the wig had the flu and sneezed on it, or has a contagious skin condition like MRSA.
    No issues with the wigs being damaged either, but try it first on an older wig if you're concerned.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    wow - never thought of that.
  • PennyC
    How can this work? Wouldn't it, at the very least, bleach the wig? And as someone who's been sewing for decades, it's been drummed into me that you should never use chorine bleach on synthetic fabric.
  • Lolly
    I’m just trying to understand how bleach or ammonia would chemically rejuvenate these fibers? Probably just an old wives tale or something. I don’t think it’s anything I care to try
  • Shlumpy
    DO NOT use ammonia or bleach on synthetic wigs!!! The ‘bleach bath’ is a process used only for full lace human hair wigs. It detangles and smoothes the hair. I started my journey with full lace human hair wigs and know this for certain. Watched many videos on YouTube to learn this method. Not for synthetics!
  • Sugluv
    This does work very well actually 1 gallon of room temp water poor in sink with 1/4 cup bleach stir and place synthetic wig completely into water. Use wide tooth come while plunder water as well as u can oh set timer for 4 min . rinse well with hot water. Drain sink and rinse add 1 more gallon hot water and 1/4 cup ammonia also have used pine sole floor cleaner on a whim when I had pneumonia you can buy it at Dollar General then dip wig into water and come again with wide tooth comb remember that the hot water will bring out the curls so the more you comb the wig the straighter it will be. That process should be done for 3 minutes set your timers and then after 3 minutes is over make sure all the rats are out as you come through the water pat dry with towel do not squeeze or pull hair too hard hang and let dry your hair is like brand new but again in curly haired wigs they will become straight or the more you come enjoy like brand new
  • PennyC
    Come again?
  • Nikilet
    There is NO WAY I would ever even try something like this.
  • BarbT75
    I saw this done by someone on Youtube and thought Omygoodness deadly combination of fumes and I had to ask why! I think if my wigs got that old that they needed to be revived I would just throw them in the garbage and buy a new one I don't have time to revive wigs I'm 76 years old I just want to revive myself LOL
  • PennyC
    Maybe this was posted as a joke? It would explain a lot LOL.
  • linda
    I agree with you, it has to be a joke. And not a funny one either given the subject. Just thinking of using either one of the chemicals and/or combining them is enough to make me pass out.
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