• danie
    I am finally ready to buy my first topper, I think I have settled on the easipart XL by Jon Renau. My natural color is a 4 and I was going to buy a 4. My issue is that I have blond highlights that I have been trying to grow out since last year. They are about mid way thru my hair now. I think the blond may peek thru the easipart and I'm wondering if I should buy another topper that's a little larger with more coverage until they're completely outgrown? Anyone ever done this? I know I could dye my hair but the price I'll pay to have it professionally dyed and cut I could buy another topper! Plus finding a stylist that understands my hair is a 4 and not jet black has always been an issue for me. Do you think it would look silly to have a little blond peeking thru? My hair obviously looks like I'm outgrowing highlights right now but I wonder with a topper on if it'll be screaming obvious I'm wearing hair. I like the Brownie Finale and the Midnight Cocoa I've seen with Jon Renau. I've also seen a Chocolate with Caramel topper with BelleTress I really love. So those are the colors I am going for. Thoughts on covering up the blond or letting it peek thru?
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  • linda
    I've worn toppers for years. My topper has a mono top and I can part left or right or comb it straight back. My color is the reverse of your color. My bio hair is dark brown. No highlights. My topper is medium brown with lots of highlights. When I pull it back or into a pony tail it looks like its a rooted color.
    My topper has long bangs and I can wear it with or without my bio hair pulled forward. However when i do pull my bio hair forward t all blends. And the part looks like my scalp as it would if I parted my bio hair.
    I would wait until you get the topper before spending money on coloring your own hair. Then you and your stylist can decide after playing with it.
    Hope this helps a little bit.
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