• Sunset
    I recently got a new human hair wig, and it looks so natural. I have another human hair wig I've had for years, and I really prefer the human hair over the synthetics. I still will wear my synthetics, but the human hair last for a long, long time. My first one I've had now for four years. I don't wear it everyday, but I would say this is my go to wig I wear a lot. I might go back to the place I got my recent wig at & purchase a human hair topper. What do you guys prefer? Human hair or synthetic or a blend of both? I haven't ever had a blend of both.
  • PhyllisB
    I prefer synthetic by far for the price and its ease of wash and wear. I've been wearing synthetic for almost five years now, but before that I wore human hair integration pieces. Very costly and they required way too much upkeep with washing, conditioning, drying and styling.
  • Nikilet
    I'm with PhyllisB. Synthetic is so much easier to take care of, and so much cheaper.
  • btrflygal7
    I've been wearing synthetics since I started wearing wigs around 5 years ago. They are more affordable for me and are easy to care for. I was doing hair club for awhile which is basically a wig glued on your head, it was human hair but all the styling was too much for me.
  • dc21
    Everytime I look at a HH wig, I have reservations. I worry about the quality of hair, frizzing due to humidity, and color oxidation. I live in a state where we have 100% humidity at times, so I would still need synthetic backup hair anyway. I don't like spending the time styling, so that is a consideration too. The sun oxidizes the hair color, and I don't know anyone who would do a good job at recoloring when it needs it. I may try HH in the future, but I am not in a hurry to at this moment.
  • Sunset
    The two HH wigs I have I didn't buy online. So, I lucked out getting HH wigs that have never frizzed. I did buy a HH hair topper years ago that was beautiful when I bought it at a shop, but soon after it frizzed & has never looked good again. One of my HH wigs is straight & I just curl the ends, and the other is layered & this gives the look of slightly wavy. I guess the HH wigs I have must have good HH hair that doesn't frizz. I really don't have to spend much time styling either one of these wigs. I would be afraid to order a HH wig or HH topper online. I've ordered a number of synthetic wigs & toppers on line, so I'm not afraid with those.
  • Lolly
    I order from one company on eBay HH topper, 613. Then I color and cut my own. It’s fine for a nice non humid day but I do have to blow dry and style when I shampoo it. I’d post a pic but don’t know how
  • BeatA
    I switched to HH about 6 months ago. They hold up great and you really don’t have to wash and style them that much, so it really isn’t as much work as I had feared. You just need to make sure you get Remy cuticle intact hair. I think Virgin and European is too expensive and unnecessary.
    I bought one at Gardeaux and one at Madisonwigs Boutique ( online but very reputable).
    Wigs.com also has some very nice HH wigs from Zellen Wille and Jon Renau.
    I bought two HH Ellen Wille from wigs.com and they held up for a very long time, but now they are too short for me so I sold them. They were Gloss and another similar length name escapes me now. I think they use mostly Asian and/ or Indian hair. They were all hand tied and really nice hair.
    I’m lusting a bit after some of the longer styles.
  • Ann S
    To me, I've had human hair systems and synthetic wigs over 15 years. I bounce back and forth. Synthetic wigs are great for a go-to style. But they bunch at nape, and are shiny. They get so stiff after a bit. I usually order 3 a year at around $180 a pop.
    I've worn human/synthetic mixes. But the same problems persist as presented below.
    Human hair. It fades into a weird color. I guess if you do human you need to be blonde or out of the sun.I live in California and do a lot of outdoor sports, so maybe that's why they fade into an ashy ugly color. And of course the cost. Well over $1500 dollars for a hair system. Though a wig would be less. The systems allow you to be almost back to nature..you can swim, tie back hair over ears, sleep, shower, etc. cause it is taped on your head for up to 3 weeks. Some women say they date men who have NO idea they are sporting a hair system!
    But then you have to style it, etc. And heat does weaken the fibers.

    So..... it is SUCH a toss up.
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