• Nikilet
    I got a wig that is too "goldish" for me and I wish had just a little more of an auburn tone ... And wondered if one could apply some kind of hair color.
  • animallover
    I added some pink to a very blonde wig I have. I bought a Sharpie in the color pink I wanted and took out the ink cartridge. I put it in some water overnight in a spray bottle and than sprayed in some pink highlights. You can also buy an alcohol-based ink from a hobby store and do the whole wig. The ratio would be about 1:1.You can also add wig and dye into a plastic bag and shake it for a while to get the color you want.
  • Nikilet
    I was thinking more on the lines of regular hair color. I'd be afraid to try this because I like the wig too much. But I thank you for your response anyway.
  • animallover
    Hmmmm......I don't believe you can use regular hair dye on a synthetic wig. But I don't blame you for being afraid. I was too. I tried it on my favorite wig but I have two of them exactly the same and I used the older of the two. It can go either way, I guess, just like coloring bio hair......could be great or could be a disaster!
  • dc21
    Some people use Roux Fanciful Rinse to tone down colors, but it is temporary and will wash out. I have read of using copic markers to add roots, so that may work.
  • Sunset
    I have sprayed root touch up all over a wig before to make the wig look darker. I hold the can fairly far away from the wig or hairpiece & move the spray quickly. It can always wash out.
  • Nikilet
    This might work. I used this years ago on my hair when I had it blonde and it made the color, shine and manageability great.
  • gr8hnd
    Tutorials on YouTube re use of teabags to darken synthetic wigs. I tried this and it worked. It eventually washes out. You can’t use hair dyes. The tutorials said tea (and coffee) will not hurt synthetic wigs. Tea did not hurt mine. The dry shampoo method Alex suggested also works.
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