• Sunset
    I ordered an easi part HD XL topper. This is my 4th one, because they only last so long. I always order it in the pralines n' cream (1426S10) I am so disappointed with the one I got yesterday because the rooting is much darker, and I don't like dark rooting. What I've always loved about this topper is the rooting has been an ash blonde & shaded very nicely. It's too late to send it back because I've fooled around with it, and I always end up cutting a side bang into it. I wish it already had a side bang. I just can't believe how much darker the rooting is. It looks like a dark brown. Any suggestions on how I can lighten this on HD fiber? Has this every happened to anyone else where the color or rooting is different?
  • Jayne
    I don't know any way to change a wig's roots except to use waterproof eyeshadow, eyeliner, or Copic markers. The color of brown you want should be easy to find. They are opaque, so they should cover the dark brown. You could think about doing it just mainly on the part and crown. Repeat when topper is shampooed. Keep us posted!
  • Ann S
    I agree with Sunset. Dark roots also make the knots show up so much. I wish they would cool it with the darkness or at least have some light color at the forehead so the knots don't show!!
  • Sunset
    My bio hair doesn't have dark roots, my roots are white & most of the time someone doesn't see my bio hair anyway. If I suddenly show up with real dark roots it is obvious I'm wearing a wig. I hate dark roots, slight shading is fine & looks more natural.
  • Ann S
    Yes, I agree. Wish the industry would lighten these roots a bit
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