• Sunset
    Strange question I'm sure....I'm wondering if I could tape my topper under the clip? I don't want to remove the clip, I'm not too good with sewing & I might not get it in as good. I don't have any tape, but I have it stays that I've never used. I'm too afraid to use it. (LOL) so it lays in the drawer. I would think tape might be OK to do it the way I want to try. What do you think? The middle clip ends up hurting me within a very short time. If I get tape, what type is the best, I'm sure I'll be afraid to use that also. I haven't any hair especially in the front to spare.
  • Jayne
    It Stays will work, esp. if the topper is a monofilament topper. Don't be afraid! It won't ruin it. Apply the glue generously to your head first. A couple small areas may be enough. Press the topper down for 15-20 seconds (make sure the clips are closed first!). It takes maybe 15 mins or so to thoroughly dry, but will still be very secure until then. I use it on my thin hair & it works great.
    I've used Walkers lace tape and daily wear tape along the edges where there is NO hair. It doesn't work on top of your hair...it's not meant to. It'll slide around and pull your hair It also needs scalp protector & tape remover/solvent. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
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