• Ronnie
    I have a need to know about the Rene' of Paris, TORI wig.
    I want to know if I can use a slight heat curling iron on this wig. I cannot find anything on any paperwork, nor, on the wig's description anywhere online. Hoping to find someone who has this wig or knows anything about Rene wigs. Thanks for any help on this....
    So nice to find this site! Love what I have been reading. God Bless.
  • dc21
    Many people steam and use very low heat on their non heat friendly synthetics. Do you have an old wig to practice on first?
  • linda
    Have you asked the folks who you are buying from? I own a few of RP and would be very reluctant to use an iron on them without first asking. Most place have a contact where you can call or email and actually get a live person.
    Good luck.
  • Danielle | Wigs.com Team
    Tori by Rene of Paris is a standard synthetic wig, so we do not recommend using a curly iron on this style. Some of our clients will use steamers on very low heat on their wigs to help style their pieces. But like said, we recommend practicing on an old style first if you decide to use this method.

    If you'd like more details and a description on Tori, you can visit her on our site here: https://www.wigs.com/products/tori-short-bob-wig-rene-of-paris
  • Jnc
    I think the wig I have from Wigs.com is a Tori and I don't think that it is a heat resistant. The reason I say this is I accidentally frizzed my bangs when I opened the oven. I like the wig, but not the frizz. :)
  • Ronnie
    I do have wigs I can practice on, I never thought of that.
    Thanks, I appreciater your help!
  • Ronnie
    Oh goodness! I have done that at the oven, too.
    Good point. Thanks for bringing that up and reminding me of that!
  • Ronnie
    Hi Linda, Yep, I had a "Help" sent online to the company, it was posted about a minute before I signed up for this group. I did receive a reply back from them which I just received (due to me being out of town). Thanks for the comments! Appreciate your help.
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