• FolkLaur
    Hey ladies/gents. So I'm gonna be buying my first wig and in the vast world of information to sort through I've become a little overwhelmed, especially since a lot of it is personal preference. Anyway taking measurements to know what size I would be. I seem to be average...but I have a lot of hair that I'm going to need to get under the wig. For reference my measurements were as follows:
    Forehead to nape: 14 in
    Ear to ear (over the hairline): 12.5 in
    Circumference: 22.3
    Temple to temple (around the back): 16 in

    I know this is nearing the high end of an average size. Just looking to either confirm I'm right in thinking average would most likely be the right size for me....or maybe I should consider the next size up since im on the cusp.

    One more question. I only plan to wear this for 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week. I'm looking for a glueless application method. A ton of ppl use the got2b gel or styling snot, some people just use the got2b freeze spray, some people like elastic bands, or wig grips. As far as how I choose to apply it....what is your preference? Why is it your preference? Which of these methods would be good for me first and/or as a beginner? I am interested in the elastic bands sewn in, but not if it will cause me a tension headache....but I do love the idea of it helping secure my back end bc I expect to want to wear my wig up (and yes I'm getting one I can do that with). I would rather just use the freeze spray on its own, since the gel seems more time consuming, and since I'll only be wearing it for part of a day it almost seems unnecessary. The wig grip has me worried that my edges won't lie as flat because of the thickness of the grip. Plus some reviews I watched said they stretch out quickly. I'm struggling to choose where to start here.

    I just dont have anyone to ask these sorts of questions....and on the facebook page I follow I ask and no one ever answers me. Really, any tips/trucks you picked up that might help me a greatly appreciated. Days worth of research and I swear I'm almost as clueless as when it started bc there's a lot to take in.
  • dc21
    Hello, and welcome! Your measurements do seem to be on the high end of average on the circumference. If you still have a lot of your own hair, that will make a difference in fit as well. There are many methods to secure your hair, and you will have to see by trial and error what you prefer. I use It Stays or Got2B on my lace fronts, that is it for me. You can also use wig tape which I keep on hand if I need extended hold ( the blue tape). I do not wear wig caps or wigrips. I do not like them personally. Many love the wigrip though. Some women sew clips in at the nape and top for security. I don't as I don't have hair to clip to, and I would be too lazy anyway to do it. If the wig is wefted, you could put bobby pins through for security. If you put your hair in a low pony and pin it up, it acts as an anchor at the nape. Some ladies pull their own hair out along the eartabs and nape. Along the eartabs, it adds to the realism by obscuring the harsh edges. It is good to have a few options for security on hand as different uses might need different solutions. You are getting a ponytail wig? I haven't had one personally, so I don't have particular experience with that type of wig.

    There are many Facebook hair groups you can join. I am sorry no one answered you.
  • FolkLaur
    Thank you! Your opinions are helpful. I'm gonna get bobbi boss' Rea. She's a 360 front lace. I wanted something I could put up and take down so I was definately getting a 360, and I also like that its a human hair/synthetic blend. Plus people seem to like bobbi boss as a brand and that impacted my decision as well.
    This is an expensive hobby to get into, so I wanted something I can try that also isn't $200 right out of the gate....especially since I have no side supplies like a mannequin head. Shoot I still need to get more concealer to prep for her, and every girl should have some concealer on hand!
    I think I'm going to try a got2b method first. It seems to be very popular, and therefore it must be effective. The reason I considered the elastic band at all is bc its a 360, so if I'm gonna be putting it up extra security in the back would be good for that. One thing at a time tho. I think I'll stick to the got2b at first, and then if I need more security underneath go from there.
    I don't hold it against any facebook page for not answering me. They just become an unreliable source for info, that's all. I join those pages for imput and opinions, but on a visual note its still helpful as I can learn from others. I find when it comes to getting info that a forum that's based on the subject is almost always better. People are better at answering, their information is more reliable, and usually their more polite. Really I should stop wasting my time trying to get any sort of info off facebook. Lol.
  • dc21
    I have never worn a 360 lace wig. I imagine that will be more challenging. I wear lace front synthetics. I would watch as many YouTube videos as possible.
  • FolkLaur
    Absolutely. I'm good at research.
  • PennyC
    "I only plan to wear this for 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week."
    That is a lot of time! I predict your first wig will not meld into your head like magic. There'll definitely be a period of adjustment where you have to get used to the feeling.
  • Jayne
    definitely may want to talk to someone at the wig company before you order. Large in most brands would be my choice, but i've not tried a Boss. You'll have to experiment on products to hold your wig on...and that varies depending on the of wig & brand! For instance, Got2BGlued gave me aweful headaches. So much help, right? :lol: Anyway, hope you enjoy the journey into Wig World!
  • FolkLaur
    I do expect an adjustment period, of course, which is why I'm prepping for all these different ways of trying to keep it down/lay it flat. I expect I will have to see what works for me as I go. My mannequin set comes w a wig grip/t-pins/c needles/ weaving thread/table clamp stand. So I get to try the wig grip, and if its not my scene and I feel like I want to try an elastic band I will already have the materials to sew it in. I'll just need the band, which I already have an adjustable one picked out via etsy. Still the least invasive method of my choices is the got2b, i plan to use the just freeze spray, and then I'll go from there. Thankfully, in regard to sizing most of the reviews I watched say big head friendly. Essential to my somewhat robust head. @Penny, it is a long time to wear a wig! I'm absolutely not expecting it to go without its hiccups...that's why I'm here asking questions and bouncing ideas off people. I'm not scurred. I'm excited, and prepared. I'm also just doing this to cover up bright hair at work, so if its not my day I'll just carry a hat and shove it under that instead. :)
  • Jayne
    love your attitude & preparedness! :heart:
  • Larry
    Just have fun and enjoy wearing it -- especially, the compliments.

    God bless,

  • mybombhair
    If you are not sure the pre-made wig ( it has the adjustable bangs even though) would be fit ur head, it would be better to get a customized lace wig.
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