• Diana
    Help! I have a Raquel Welch “Downtime” wig I purchased last year. It was looking pretty ratty on the ends so I steamed it. That turned out great but now the wig is real strait and not what it used to look like. This wig says not to use heat of any kind on it but the cost of this wig is astronomical and on top of that the price just went up. I have a back up I just took out of the box. How do I get the curl back in this wig? Thank you my fellow wig wearers.
  • PennyC
    You set it in curls and steam it again. let it completely cool before taking out the curlers or clips.
  • Diana

    Thank you Penny I will definitely try that. Any particular curlers to use?
  • alicexm
    Go to Sally’s beauty supply and ask for curling products for long hair.
  • Diana
    thank you Alice for the suggestion. I will definitely do it.
  • Misty
    HI Diana, Just saw this thread now. You can re-steam it as Penny mentioned above. An easy way for me it to fold the wig the way it was when it laid in the brand new box. I lay it on my towel, and let the steam wash over it. I then turn the wig the other way around, and re-steam that side as well. Then I let the wig cool at least overnight to reset the wave. I hope this works for you.
  • Lolly
    I use a round brush and steam, let cool before you unroll the section. I stand there and blow on it like cooling soup. Lol. It doesn’t matter if it’s damp just cool
  • Junie
    I have usually steamed the ends, and wherever else it needs steaming. I then use heated rollers, which are covered with a velvet material, don’t use any other kind, once rolled up let the hair cool completely, I have left them in overnight and then combed out the day after, it seems to help the wig to remember the wave better. I love these hair rollers, and use them all the time in my JR heat wigs, but they are HD. I have used them on a Noriko Sky as well which isn’t HD, and I have had good results. Give them a try. Best of luck!
  • Diana
    Thank you everyone for your help!
  • Gracie Mas WIGS.COM TEAM
    Great question and great answers from everyone! Wigs.com gives a thumbs up!
  • polkadot222
    Just be careful (I learned this the hard way, LOL) if you are using a hot air brush on your wig, or a round brush with your blowdryer, wet the section and then do not continue working on the wig waiting until it has completely dried. That's the way to fry the wig. As long as it gets hot for 30 seconds, that's fine. Just wait for the section you are working on to cool completely before you remove the hot air brush or the round brush. It can and should remain damp and all should be fine.
  • Diana
    Thank you for your advice. I sure don’t want to learn from experience lol. This cost of his wig has gone up so ridiculously expensive. Even taking the best of care and not wearing it everyday, it still tangles very easy. I have been searching around other wig sites to see about finding other wigs.
    Thank you so much for your very good advice.
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