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    Hello guys!
    I need your help. I am going to buy my first wig and since there are a plethora of wig styles and brands, I have become a little overwhelmed. I have been facing hair loss for long and don't have much hair on my head, so searching for a wig that looks elegant and fits me perfectly.
    Please give me some ideas about how I choose an affordable and comfortable wig?
  • dc21
    For your first piece, try to pick a style and color that closely matches your hair style now. Watch as many YouTube videos as possible for style, color, synthetic, Human hair, etc. Subscribe to the online stores for sale notices. Never pay full price online. If you are near a wig store, it may be worth the try to start there to try on pieces and colors. Look for reviews of stores around you. Some will cut and style it for you and offer many valuable services.
  • Jayne
    dc21 gave excellent advice! Any wig will seem overwhelming when you first wear it because you've gotten used to seeing yourself with very little hair. Though you aren't happy about your hair loss, when you see a normal amount of hair on you, it may feel like way too much. Please give it a few days. Lots of women have thick, gorgeous hair...even up into their 70's. Now you'll be one of those "fortunate ones!" :joke:
  • Jnc
    My advice is to first go to a place that sells wigs and try them on. That's what I did and it was so much fun seeing me for the first time in years with hair. That way you can see what you like and how they fit. I've now ordered 2 wigs from here. I love the Amour wigs and the first one I bought from the wig salon was an Erin by Amour. It is still wearable today - almost 3 years. It is however stretched out and is getting replaced with my new Erin that hopefully will be here soon. Good luck and have fun.
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