• bellahx
    For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve seen my hair become evermore thin after being diagnosed with androgenic alopecia at the age of 18, and I’ve kept blocking it out and telling myself it will grow thicker, it will recover, yet after using minoxidil since diagnosis it’s only continued to get finer and finer, and as my confidence has gotten lower, I’ve become more shut off and scared for my hair in the future :(

    I hadn’t really considered the use of a wig. I never thought my hair would get to this stage where I would begin to consider wearing one.
    I’ve literally just come across this website and seeing everyone talk in a positive light about going through the same thing as me, and finding confidence in the wigs they wear it’s making me begin to consider them as my next option.

    I really do not like discussing my hair thinning with my family or my friends and so I don’t really know how to go about trying or looking for potential wigs?

    I’m from the UK and tbh I have no idea what I’d need or where to go?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on specific companies for testing out and finding more info on my first wig/ or hair piece???

    Would be such a great help, thanks :)
  • alicexm
    First and foremost, welcome! This is a safe place for questions, and there are a lot of members ready to help.
    Second, if you have a wig salon close, that’s the best place to start. I have found Yelp reviews are good to narrow the search. A good salon won’t shame you into a purchase, but will take the time to measure, get to know you, and make recommendations. Do them the favor of being honest, including your budget.
    If you don’t have access to a wig salon, the next best is YouTube. Patti of wigs by Patti’s Pearls is a terrific source. There are a number of others, such as Taz’s Closet. Nice thing about finding one is YouTube will help you find others. Once you’ve done your research, you’ll be ready to jump in to helper hair.
    Good luck and again, welcome.
  • sahrotal
    I researched wigs obsessively for nearly a year before I took the plunge and got one. Wig forums like this one were a huge help, as well as You Tube. After 5 years of daily wig wearing, I continue to seek out these resources. It is a learning curve, so I understand your apprehension. I've always had baby fine hair, even in my 20's...so when I lost 1/2 of it and finally had to put a wig on, it was a massive ego boost for me. Opened a whole new world. I could have long hair one day, sport a classic bob the next, with any color I wanted, and it looks perfect. I was so excited to finally have nice hair that I never felt the urge to hide the fact that it was a wig...in fact, I like when people say "where do you get your hair done," because it's an opportunity to tell them that they can have perfect hair every day, too. To this day, I've only had one person ask me if I was wearing a wig...and it was another wig wearer!! My family and friends were very supportive in the beginning and continue to be. Dig in and enjoy! Good luck.
  • Losing it
    I have the same kind of hair loss. Depending on how bad it is you might be able to get away with a product like Toppik. I used it for years. I don't know what is available in the UK but in the US there are actually salons that specialize in hair pieces. That would be a easy way to start but may be pricey. I'm researching wigs myself as I am really losing quickly after a baby and a thyroid condition.
  • Ann41m
    I also have Androgenic Alopecia, and was scared when I started searching for a wig. I had no idea where to start or what to look for.. what I have learned I’ve the many years is that it’s all in how you carry yourself in your wig. Think of it as YOUR HAIR!! As Alicexm stayed go to a local wig salon that sells upscale wigs. Their are some wig shops that sale cheaply made wigs that will not last more than a month. Try on some wigs with different styles and colors to get an idea of whet you like. Look at the tag inside the wig for the name and style. If you purchase online you will find the better prices. If you find a wig you like but need it cut shorter or a different style go to the wig salon where they can assist. Most of all, the longer you wear wigs the more confident you will become. Do not be embarrassed to wear one, it’s a part of you and you are beautiful!! Hope this helps.
  • dc21
    I have read that many women can get assistance from their national health service for a wig in the UK. Maybe they can direct you to a salon? Simplywigs, Aspire, and Mimo are all in the UK.
  • Jayne
    welcome! Most of us went through a little denial, then sadness, resignation and then acceptance. Confidence comes by finding a hair topper or lightweight wig closest to your natural color and style (curly, straight, etc). We've all made mistakes when buying hair, but don't give up! It is a process. Buy a name brand. I tried Amazon cheapos. :cry: As mentioned, you will find a Youtube person that shares your style prefernece or *issues* like itching. You are going to be sooo glad & you are NOT alone in this!
  • Joicehair
    do not worry, it will give confidence
  • Carol Perez
    Thank you for opening you story to us... I can say like you, this is a very private part of me where is painful to talk about. I started using Toppers first and the transition is very positive. Toppers are not as “compromised” , and love that I can wear my hair up in the back! My local hair stylist is very supportive and has work with me during the process... Good luck and TRULLY hope you feel better about opening up with people who will support you! Since there’s a lot of us in the world.
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