• Larry
    Have many of you tried wigs that are a different color than your natural color; how did your experiences go?
  • polkadot222
    I don't change my color more than a couple of shades lighter than my biohair because I don't want to out myself if I make too radical a change. This works for me however others change the color and are fine with it. Either they don't care what people think or they have told people they wear wigs or they simply tell people who ask that they had their hair colored.
  • sahrotal
    My natural hair color is dark brown (probably around a #6), which at age 51 is way too dark for my skin tone. I started experimenting with highlighted browns and auburns that weren't too much of a step up (eg. Jon Renau 6F27 or Noriko Auburn Sugar). Gradually, I became comfortable wearing lighter, brighter, shades, and today am wearing a highlighted dark blond. Don't be afraid to try something new! I really believe that everyone can wear brown, red or blond hair, especially once you know what tones work for you (warm, cool, etc). One final tip: eyebrows are EVERYTHING. Get some pencils of different shades and keep them handy. I've found they make a huge difference. Good luck!
  • Jnc
    I have 3 wigs, so my hair changes color everyday! I love it. They are all close, but different cuts and color. My grandkids think it is funny when I have a different color. Haha! I used to color my hair blonde, but now my real hair is natural and is not blonde. :) The color of my wigs are a shade of blonde, but different. Go for it and have fun. Pick a color you like. It's fun.
  • Malibu Marge
    I have many different styles and colors, some look better than others, but I love changing it up. I’ve found that blonds and gingers look best. My natural color was lt.-med. brown and now is 80% white. If I went strictly with what looks best I’d always wear a short rooted blond, but I don’t care. That would be boring to me.
  • Larry
    Hi Marge,
    Thank you for your reply. I'm happy that you're doing what you want to -- playing with the color of your hair.
    How do you feel about guys who want to wear wigs to change their color and style? Since I seem to be the only guy doing this, I can't help but wonder if they don't because women wouldn't like it. Would you date bald men like me who wear a variety of different wigs for fun and fashion? Do you think most women would like and be supportive of wig wearing guys like me, or would they would dislike and not encourage guys to do what I do?
    God bless,
  • goldcapp
    I think of hair as a fashion accessory and wear my wigs in different styles and colors depending on where I go and what I do. Having a very active lifestyle (yoga, workouts, tennis, etc), I use what works under hats, scarves and with security of the wigs. When I go out, I use my glamorous wigs to compliment my going-out clothes. It is a lot of fun to wear wigs!
  • Larry
    Hi goldcapp,

    I feel the same about my wigs, or "my hair" as I prefer to call them. You may have seen and read my essay, "A Special Wardrobe," which is about my collection of hair. I don't match them up to the clothes I'm wearing as you and the other ladies do. I guess that because I'm a guy, I choose which hair I wear mostly based on my mood, and on what the occasion is. I also choose based on the preference of the lady I'll be with. If it's new hair, and not everyone (friends and family), I'll choose it. I'm not to proud to fish for compliments -- especially if they've become few and far in between :smile: .
    God bless,
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