• Ash25
    I am completly new to wigs. I got a blonde lace front synthetic wig recently. It is pre-styled with bouncy curls but it looks very poofy and all the extra volume makes it look unnatural. I am also trying my best to blend it into my hairline but I still find it looks unconvincing.
    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • SuzieQ
    I have been wearing wigs for several years. I’ve never been brave enough to pluck the part. My advice: make sure you are placing the wig at your hair line but not exposing your hair line, best lace front wig (in my opinion) is Raquel Welch, vary the part so as not to look perfectly straight, use got to b glued to fix the part.
    Wigs are a definite learning curve.
  • polkadot222
    As SuzieQ says, place the lace front in front of the hair at your hairline-it should sit directly on your forehead.
    You will probably want to thin the wig if you find it too poofy. Put the wig on a wig stand, lift up a layer and pin it up. Then use thinning scissors (they look like scissors with teeth) to remove hair a bit at a time all the way around the wift. Then comb it out and place the wig on your head. If you like what you see, you are done. If you still find it too poufy, then put the wig back on the wig stand and lift up another layer which is higher up than the previous one you cut. Repeat with the thinning scissors. Be very careful and take your time as you don't want to remove too much hair.
    There are good YouTube videos on this. Search for "how to thin a wig".
  • polkadot222
    Oh yes, one other thing:don't thin the top layer of the wig with this method otherwise it will look weird.
  • SRW
    There are some hair salons/wig stores with stylist will help trim and thin your wig. While wearing your wig, they can make slight cuts that can really make a big difference.
  • Jayne
    great advice given here already! I have plucked the part and it helps a lot. Videos are great tutorials. Your hair doesn’t seem poufy in the photos. Most of us feel like we're wearing way too much hair b/c we got used to very thin or limp hair. Give yourself a few weeks. Your eyes will probably adjust to having gorgeous, thick hair! :love: P.S. Many times the fibers will naturally *fall* or settle over time too. Don't be discouraged. (Hug)
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